Insulated Garage Doors: Pros and Cons

Summer has arrived and with it the onslaught of rising temperatures. Door and windows stay shut tight to keep your cold air in and the thermostat works round the clock.

The one place that may not be as cool as you would like it to be is your garage. It may not have been very noticeable until now, but as you leave your home and step into the garage you are hit with a wall of heat. Everything inside your garage is now subject to it… storage, tools and supplies, your extra freezer, and of course, your vehicles.

There is a way to help alleviate some of the heat in the summertime as well as the cold in the winter and that is with insulated garage doors. If you’re looking for a way to stabilize the heat in your garage, here are some of the pros and cons of insulated garage doors.  


Your garage door is the largest opening to your home. Because your insulated garage door will keep your garage and home warmer and cooler in winter and summer, you can expect some increased energy efficiency and some savings on your energy bill.

It will also make your garage more comfortable which is a major benefit if you spend a lot of time working in the garage. You won’t be able to tell if your garage door is insulated from the outside but it’ll make a difference to the inside.

So if you’re worried about how the insulation might affect the look of your garage, not to worry. Your insulated garage door is sturdier and stronger because of the extra materials which not only makes them resistant to dents but can also make your garage door quieter.


Because they are made with extra materials and are more complex, insulated garage doors will cost more than your traditional garage door. They can also be heavier with those extra materials.

Depending on where your garage door is located you’ll notice a range of a difference with insulation. For example, if your garage door is located just off of your living room where your family spends a lot of time, the room will feel warmer.

But if the garage is far from high-traffic areas of the home or if it’s completely detached, you may not notice a difference at all.

There aren’t many cons to getting an insulated garage door. The biggest factor for many homeowners is the garage doors prices. If you’re looking for standard or custom garage door sizes for insulated doors, do some price checking.

As you do, don’t forget to consider your local garage door installers. The Garage Door Man has the highest rate in customer satisfaction when it comes to both garage door installation and garage doors repair. They have the garage doors parts, products, and expertise to help you with any of your garage door needs.

Weigh your options when it comes to installation of insulated garage doors, and when you’re ready to make a change be sure to give The Garage Door Man a call.


Organizing Your Garage: Tips, Tricks and Advice

If you’re not careful, your garage can quickly and all too easily become a catch-all for your tools, gardening supplies, and anything else that needs a home where it won’t be in the way.

This may help you stay organized inside, but soon you won’t able to find what you need in the garage. You may not even be able to pull your cars in! It’s important to organize your garage so that it remains the functional and practical place it was meant to be.

Organizing Your Garage: Tips, Tricks and Advice

Here are a few tips, tricks, and words of advice for organizing your garage.

Wall Storage

Most people don’t have a problem finding things they’d like to store in the garage. In fact, you probably have more than enough you’d like to fit in the garage and you may not feel like you have enough space.

That’s when it’s time to take advantage of your wall space! By getting things up off the floor you ensure that your vehicle is always allowed a spot inside the garage and out of the elements, you’re better able to keep your floor clean and free from debris, and you’ll be able to easily find the things that are stored on the wall.

Use Magnets

When it comes to keeping your tools, knickknacks, and other small items organized, try taking advantage of magnets. It’s all too easy for these small items to be flung in a drawer or box only to cost you unnecessary extra work rifling through to find just what you need to finish a project.

There are great and functional containers typically used for holding spices in the kitchen that can help separate and keep your small pieces organized. With containers can be attached to magnets that can then be mounted on your work bench or the wall nearby (again, freeing up space!).

Taking another idea from the kitchen, you can use the same idea as a magnetic knife holder to keep your tools easily accessible but also organized and out of the way.

Ceiling Storage

Another way to save on space in your garage is to take advantage of the untapped storage potential for your ceiling. There are plenty of hardware options for hanging bicycles and other equipment from the ceiling to get it out of the way.

You can also find cool shelving options that allow you to store bins or totes that only need to be accessed a few times a year above your head and out of the way.

When it comes to keeping your garage organized, there’s no better way than to keep everything protected inside like a secure and functional garage door.

As you check out the selection of garage doors at Home Depot or garage doors at Lowe’s, don’t forget to include local companies as your consider garage door prices and installation.

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How To Know Your Springs are Getting Old

Unfortunately, your garage door won’t last forever. But with proper maintenance and care it can last for a good long while. Not all parts are going to last the same amount of time, so knowing what to watch for can help keep the strain and wear off of longer-lasting garage door parts.

One thing you need to watch for on your garage door are the springs. Your garage doors springs are important when it comes to the opening and closing of your garage door. They counteract the force of gravity on the door, making it light enough for the garage door opener to lift it (or yourself if necessary). Needless to say, your garage doors springs have a big job to do and can easily get worn down.

Here’s how to know your springs are getting old.

In general, you can expect your springs to last about seven to nine years. If you know your springs are close to that age-range or within it, make sure you are paying extra-close attention to them. You may be able to save on garage door opener installation costs by instead replacing bad springs! How much you use your garage door and what kind of maintenance it has received will also make a big difference in the lifespan of your springs, so take that into consideration as well.

One obvious sign that your springs are getting old is rust and corrosion. If your garage door parts have not received regular maintenance, the springs may become subject to rust and corrosion. This is a problem because it will eat away at your spring, jeopardizing the spring’s integrity. If you don’t replace your springs quickly, you can bet on a broken spring which can leave you with some serious damage to your garage door, garage, and yourself.

Screeching, creaking, popping, and other unnatural sounds coming from your garage door is also a sign that you need a garage door repair. Your springs may be trying to “talk” to you, letting you know they are old, weak, and about to bust. Sometimes lubrication can help, but it may just be putting off the inevitable. It’s best to have a garage door company take a look at and replace your springs.

If you open your garage door one day and notice that is it uneven, it means that a spring on one side of your garage door has failed and the other won’t be far behind. Anything unusual like this is a red-flag that should alert you to call a garage door repair company as soon as possible.

Lastly, you can check your garage door springs before they are in dire need or replacement by simply closing your garage door and pulling the emergency release. Manually lift your door waist-high, stop the door, and let go. If it stays in place your springs are in good shape. If it starts to fall back to the ground, you know your springs are getting old.

As you consider new springs, regular maintenance, garage door prices and installation, choose the best of the best — the Garage Door Man. Whether you are in need or repairs or a new door, they can help.


Leave Your Garage Door Installation & Maintenance To The Pros

There are many ways to save a few bucks when it comes to home maintenance and repairs. Luckily, with access to the internet and so much knowledge at our fingertips, there really isn’t anything that you can’t learn.

Your dishwasher isn’t working? Try searching the web! You may just need to adjust a part, or clean a coil. Is your water heater acting up? You may just need to make a quick tweak and it’ll be good as new!

But sometimes repairs require a little more knowledge and specific tools. The same is true when it comes to your garage door. It’s a big piece of machinery that keeps your and your family safe and protected. Trying to do too much on your own could leave you in harms way. When it comes to your garage door installation and maintenance, it’s best to leave it to the pros.


The biggest issue with DIY when it comes to garage doors is the risk of injury. No garage door opener installation cost is is worth the risk of your personal safety. Even if you are handy, there are cheap garage doors and parts that are better left to professionals.


Even if you can find answers online to some of the problems associated with problems for a standard 1-car garage size door, there really is no substitute for trained knowledge and years of experience. They’ve seen and dealt with it all! Instead of having to research a problem, they’ll already know how to fix it and get the job done before you may learn where to begin.

Access to Tools and Parts

Even if you are able to correctly determine the cause of a problem with your garage door, you may not have all of the tools and garage door parts necessary to fix it. When you work with local garage door installers to install and maintain your garage door, you know that they’ll have everything on-hand to get your garage door working properly without having to wait for a specific tool or part to come in the mail first.


Even if you feel perfectly comfortable doing your own garage door installation and maintenance, sometimes other projects, family life, and work mean your time is better served elsewhere. That’s where having a trusted garage door installer and repairman on-hand is a huge benefit. For example, when you choose the Garage Door Man, you’ll have access to 24-hour emergency service 365 days of the year. So no matter when your garage door gives out and no matter how busy you are, you can get your garage door working again safely.

If you are in need of a new garage door installation or maintenance for an existing garage door, it is well worth it to search for “garage door installers near me.” You can have peace of mind knowing they have the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to help you with whatever garage door issue you have. One of the best local garage door companies you can have on speed-dial in the Provo area is the Garage Door Man.  


Garage Door Trends of 2018

It’s that time of year when you stand at your curb and give your home and yard a long, scrutinizing look. As the weather begins to warm and things start to come alive again it’s the perfect opportunity to do a little spring cleaning both inside and out, and really take your curb-appeal to the next level.

While adding some new blooms to your garden and repainting your shutters will make a big difference, there is one thing that can really change the way your home looks that many forget to upgrade — your garage door.

While you could just go with a standard white garage door from Home Depot or Lowe’s, there are many trendy new options that are worth the consideration. Here are a few of the hottest garage door trends of 2018.


New Technology

Before considering the look of your new garage door, consider all of the hardware that will go with it. One of the biggest trends for garage doors in 2018, as with practically any other category out there, will come with some awesome new technology and gadgets. You can make using your garage door easier and intuitive with things like controls via your smartphone. You can also improve the safety of your garage door and the security! As you consider a new garage door and your garage door opener installation, consider upgrading to some of the newest technology available.


Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors have made a comeback as one of the trends to consider for 2018. It’s a classic garage door choice that never really goes out of style. The warmth and classic look is one that is inviting and looks good with any style home.


Adding Color

White garage doors are boring when you consider the recent trend of colored garage doors! Don’t be afraid to let your garage door shine and take centerstage. You can make it a statement piece and add lots of personality by updating your garage door with a pop of color.



Garages aren’t the dirty storerooms for boxed junk they once were. With new techniques for flooring, organization, and even warmth, the garage is now a place where any member of the family can go comfortably. Which is why adding windows is a big trend for 2018. You’ll get added light in the garage that makes it even more inviting! And with plenty of frosted glass options, you won’t have to miss out on any of the privacy you had before.

As you consider garage door prices and garage door size, you may also be looking for local garage door installers you can trust. Look no further than the Garage Door Man. Proudly serving the Provo area for more than 15 years,

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Why You Should Choose Garage Door Man

When it comes to choosing a new garage door, you have plenty of options.You can buy a garage door from Home Depot, garage doors from Lowe’s, or garage doors from Menards.

There are even wholesale options, like choosing your garage door from Costco.

But before you’re sold on one of those options, take a moment to consider your local garage door installers and retailers. If you live in the Provo area, here’s why you should choose Garage Door Man.

For more than 15 years Garage Door Man has earned and built an impressive customer base through their hard work and determination.

When it comes to doing business, Garage Door Man will settle for nothing less than the best service around and a promise of satisfaction guaranteed no matter what your garage door needs may be.

Their expertise may be in garage doors, but their focus is on customer service.Your best interest will be their goal; they truly believe that when you win, they win too.

There’s no better way to achieve this than with highly trained employees who are committed to providing this exceptional customer service.

Whether you are in need of custom garage door sizes, a 10-foot-wide garage door, or even commercial garage door sizes, Garage Door Man will do it right.

Just because they are a local company doesn’t mean they aren’t up to date on all of the latest advances in the garage door industry.

By constantly keeping up with the most current practices and technologies you can be sure that whatever your needs are, they know will know the best solution.

Here’s a look at just a few of the services Garage Door Man offers.

Regular Maintenance

It is important to give your vehicle regular maintenance, and so it is with your garage door too. Some of that maintenance can be done yourself, but there are many services best left to a professional. That’s when Garage Door Man steps in. Whether it is making sure everything is working correctly, catching an issue before it becomes a problem, or keeping your family safe, Garage Door Man offers complete and comprehensive maintenance for your garage door.

Service and Repairs

If during that maintenance a worn out part is found, or worse, a broken one, Garage Door Man can have it fixed in a jiffy. Some repairs and services require special attention that professionals alone are equipped to handle. With their offer of 24-hour emergency service, 365 days of the year you can rest easy knowing that whatever issue you may face with your garage door, Garage Door Man will have it covered.


When your garage door decides to bite the dust, Garage Door Man can help you install a new one. They are fully licensed, have the equipment necessary, and access to a variety of garage door sizes and styles. Whatever new garage door you choose, you can’t go wrong with Garage Door Man as your installer.

Acid Staining Your Garage Floors: Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your garage floors you may have looked into new flooring options. There are new techniques that have increased in popularity including staining and dying the floor of your garage. To help narrow down your options it’s helpful to take a closer look at all that a new flooring will entail. When it comes to acid staining your garage floors, here are the pros and cons.

First off, what exactly are acid stained garage floors? It is a technique used to color the concrete slab in your garage with a chemical reaction. The acid penetrates the concrete and reacts with the lime in the concrete. You end up with a natural looking, translucent color with some mottling and marbling. Not all concrete floors will end up looking the same however; this will vary depending on the color and age of the concrete you are working with.



One of the obvious pros of acid staining your garage floors is the beautiful finished product. Depending on the condition of your garage floor, you’ll get a lot of variety when it comes to the finish (which may be a con in some instances, see below). Your garage floor will be unique to you and you alone!
Another pro of acid staining is that the finished product won’t fade or need to be replaced, so maintenance will be minimal. Acid stained concrete is also very durable. It is a very cost effective way to get a very unique and polished look in your garage.



If you’re not a fan of the way acid staining looks on concrete, then it might not be the best technique for you. Some of the other cons when it comes to the look of the floor is that the translucent color can highlight imperfections, including crack repairs and color changes from old stains. If your garage floor has already had some wear, acid staining will only accentuate that wear which may not make it the best option. The color selections are also limited when it comes to acid staining. The way the stain will take is pretty unpredictable, so it is best to test a small patch before committing to the entire garage floor.


Whether you decide acid staining is right for your garage floors or not, you’ll want to complete the look of your garage makeover with a garage door you love. It’s a good idea to research garage door prices and installation so that you know you’re getting a quality door at a good value. You’ll also want to consider custom garage door sizes as well as roll up garage door sizes to see which is best for you.

Once you’ve selected your garage door don’t forget about the garage door parts. You’ll need to look into garage door opener installation. To find garage door installers near you, look no further than The Garage Door Man. From garage door installation to garage door repairs and maintenance, you’ll be sure to get quality and satisfaction no matter what job you hire The Garage Door Man to do.


Regular Garage Door Maintenance: How Often

As a homeowner, you know that regular maintenance is an important part of keeping your home in tip-top shape. It is a great way to eliminate extra costs that can be easily avoided. Your garage door is no different. Regular garage door maintenance is important! You may be wondering just how often you should be doing garage door maintenance. Here are a few examples of what you should do to make sure your garage door stays in proper working order, and how often you should do it.


As you use your garage door each day to come and go from your home, doing something as simple as looking and listening while your garage door opens and closes can be a big help in the overall maintenance of your garage door. Make sure it is moving smoothly and that it doesn’t make any scraping sounds. If you notice anything new in the way to moves or sounds, you’ll know it’s time to take a closer look.

Every Few Months

Every few months you should take a look at the hardware and the balance of your garage door. Just make sure that the hardware isn’t loose, and it if it is, tighten it. Make sure your garage door is balanced by disconnecting the opener by pulling the red release cord and manually move your door until it is about halfway open. You’ll not it’s not balanced if the door doesn’t stay in place. If it is not balanced, your springs need to be adjusted by a professional garage door repairman.  This is also a good time to take a look at the outside and make sure it is clean and free of damage.

Twice a Year

At least twice a year it’s a good idea to inspect your rollers. And keep in mind that they should be replaced about every seven years or more often depending on your use. If you notice any chips, cracks, or excessive wear on the rollers you should replace them immediately.


Each year it’s a good idea to do a thorough inspection of your garage door. Inspect the tracks for any necessary realignment or adjustments. Check the weatherstripping to make sure it isn’t ripped or town (preferably before winter.) If it needs to be replaced you can find garage door parts at just about any hardware store. You should also inspect the springs, end and center bearings, stationary and set cones, etc. etc. If you are uncomfortable checking every aspect of your garage door, it’s a good idea to call in a professional.

Besides just getting your garage door checked for any damage or misalignments, you should also have it serviced. Just like your car, your garage door can benefit from a tune-up from a professional. This is a great way to keep your garage door in better condition longer, and prolong the life of your door in general.

If you’re looking for local garage door installers, look no further than The Garage Door Man. Sure, you could go to Menards for a garage door, for or to Lowes for garage door installation, but nothing beats a local company that’s been around for more than 15 years, helping out their Utah neighbors. For the best in garage door sales and installation, contact Garage Door Man today.


3 Tips On How To Paint Your Garage Door Yourself

If you’ve driven up to your home to be greeted yet again by a worn-out and outdated looking garage door, the thought of a fresh coat of paint is probably sounding very appealing. While many garage door installation and repair companies can easily paint garage doors as well, if you have a steady hand you may have considered painting your garage door yourself. But before you get started, you want to make sure you know what you are doing. Here are three tips on how to paint your garage door yourself.

Tip #1: Clean

One of the best tips when it comes to painting your garage door has everything to do with the prep-work before you actually get to the painting. It is important to give your garage door a thorough cleaning before getting to work. Even if you plan to completely strip your garage door of the existing paint, you want to make sure you remove as much of the dirt and dust you can first.

Use a cloth to wipe away the debris, then gently scrub your garage door with soapy water and a sponge or cloth from top to bottom and side-to-side. Pay special attention to the corners and any other little crevices. Rinse your garage door thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before moving to the next step, or help dry it faster by using a towel to wipe it down.

By taking the time to properly prepare and clean your garage door you will get a more even paint job that will have a better finish as well as better adhesion, which will help it last for as long as possible.

Tip #2: Application

While there are many garage door sizes out there, the application for paint will be pretty standard. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t techniques you should stick to to make the job go smoother! First, start by painting the recessed area of the panel in the top corner of your garage door with a nylon or polyester brush. Begin in the corner and continue painting around the perimeter of the recessed area. Continue this process until all panels and their recesses are painted, and then wipe away any paint that is not within the panels. Then, use a brush to cut in the perimeter of your garage door, adn use a roller brush to paint the stiles around each perimeter.

Tip #3: Maintenance

While technically not a painting tip, maintaining your paint job will help you to avoid unnecessary cracking, fading, and repainting in the future. Be sure that you are regularly cleaning your garage door. If dust or dirt has accumulated, it’s time to wipe it down with a wet sponge or washcloth and warm water. Inspect your garage door regularly for any damage that can be fixed before it becomes a problem, and plan to repaint every few years to keep your garage door looking your best.

If you decide that painting your garage door yourself isn’t for you, contact your local garage door installers for a quote on a paint job. In some cases, it may be worthwhile to get a whole new garage door. As you begin comparing garage door prices of places like Menards Garage Doors or Ideal Garage Doors, don’t forget to include The Garage Door Man in your bids. With high customer service oriented practices, you won’t be disappointed with their prices or quality of work.


Organizing Your Garage 101

It’s only the middle of January but some homeowners are already feeling spring fever. While it’s still too early to begin your outdoor projects, there are a few things you can do to satisfy your cleaning, organizing, and improvement craving while staying warm and comfortable.

One great way to get a jump on your other outdoor projects is to get your garage prepped and ready for all the work ahead by getting it cleaned up and in order. But if you’re like most people, your garage is a little disorganized and it can be hard to know where to begin. Not to worry! We’ve outlined how to get your car in the garage and find anything you need with the tips in this organizing your garage 101.


In order to be able to find the things you need in your garage, you’ll want to sort them in a way that makes sense for you. All of your tools should be in one area, cleaning products, sports equipment, etc. in another.  As you sort through the stuff in your garage don’t feel bad about donating items that go unused or throwing out broken our outdated items. It will only help cut down on the clutter.


The best ways to organize your garage is to invest in shelving. The space on your walls is prime real estate, especially if you plan to keep your cars in the garage. Don’t be afraid to utilize it!
Another way to make the most of your vertical space is to use the ceiling space. If you have bikes or other outdoor equipment that takes up a lot of space on the ground, don’t be afraid to hang them up.


Once you have shelving in place, you’ll be able to store your belongings. One way to keep everything organized and easily accessible is with bins. When you designate a bin for camping supplies, tools, or sporting equipment you make it easy to find and easy to put away. If you use an opaque bin, be sure you they are clearly labeled.


Lastly, give your garage a good cleaning by knocking down cobwebs, sweeping the floors, and making sure you have adequate lighting.

Once the inside of your garage is clean and organized, you may look at your 10-foot wide garage door and think that it could really use some sprucing up itself. After looking at the garage door options at Costco, and garage doors at Home Depot, or Lowe’s garage doors, you may be wondering how the cost and quality compare. There are other costs to consider too. For example, if you choose a door from Home Depot, what is the Home Depot garage door installation cost?

Rather than choosing one of the big-box stores, why not shop for your new garage door needs locally? Whether you  need a new garage door, garage door opener installation, or a few new garage door parts, The Garage Door Man of Provo will give you top level service that only a locally owned company can provide while offering complete satisfaction. For any and all of your garage door needs, don’t hesitate to contact The Garage Door Man today!