10 Ways To Preserve The Life Of Your Garage Door

A garage door is a big investment that should last you a long time. But some of that is up to you. Most people don’t think to check up on their garage door unless something is wrong. You can prevent potential damage and keep things running smoothly for years to come with a few of these tips.

1. Tighten loose bolts and nuts.

Though it can be a daunting task, tightening all loose bits in your garage door will keep it running smoothly and help you to avoid potential damage.

2. Clean the tracks.

Your door can’t run smoothly if the tracks aren’t clean. Cleaning out any debris and keep those tracks clean will help your garage door on track for longer. When the track is clogged up, your door can get off track and not only struggle to open and close but can also be damaged.

3. Use garage door lubricant.

Putting garage door lubricant on parts of the garage door that move regularly will keep things running smoothly. Oil up the hinges on your door, the rollers, and any other part that could get backed up. Doing this regularly will prevent these parts from working harder than they need to and keep them lasting longer. This is a simple way to ensure a smooth ride.

4. Check the balance.

You should be checking the balance on your garage door annually. Improper balance can impact the functionality of your garage door. To check the balance, lift the garage good about two feet off the ground, then step back and see if the door begins to close on its own. If it is out of balance, it will close. An unbalanced garage door should be inspected by a professional.

5. Keep it clean.

Cleaning off the front of your garage door will also prolong its life. When something is kept clean and well maintained, it lasts longer. It will also help prevent anything from clogged up the hinges or damaging the doors.

6. Check the safety sensors.

Checking the safety sensors will ensure your own safety as well as help prolong the life of your garage door. Close your garage door while holding your hold in front of your sensor, see if it detects you.

7. Clean the rollers.

The rollers can easily catch debris and have trouble running smoothly on track. Clean and lubricate them regularly to avoid this problem.

8. Have maintenance inspections performed

One sure fire way to prolong the life of your garage door is to have it checked by a professional annually. Detect problems before they become problems.

9. Choose a high-quality garage door.

For a long-lasting garage door, you’ll want to start with a high-quality one. Certain materials have better longevity than others. Choose wisely from the get-go to ensure a longer lasting door.

10. Check weather stripping.

Replace any cracked or missing weather stripping. Check it regularly to keep your door protected.

If your garage door needs some preventative maintenance or some emergency services, contact us today!