10 Ways to Prevent Garage Break Ins

1. Secure the emergency release.

Using a coat hanger to pull the emergency release is a common break in tactic for intruders. Foil this plan by securing your emergency release with a zip tie. Or get rid of your latch all together.

2. Keep your opener out of sight.

Though it may be convenient to keep you garage door out in the open in your car, it can become an open invitation to breaking into you garage. Bring your garage door opener inside with you or hide it in your car—try under your seat or in the glove compartment.

3. Cover garage windows.

Don’t give bulgers the advantage of being able to see into your garage. If your garage windows aren’t tinted or frosted, keep them covered.

4. Install an alarm.

This seems like an obvious solution, but many houses have alarms within the house itself and don’t bother with the garage. A simple alarm system could save you some trouble.

5. Have a sturdy garage door.

Certain door will be easier to break into. When shopping around for your garage door, make sure you know it’s durability.

6. Light it up.

Break ins are less likely to occur when there is light. Whether you keep a light in your garage on or install motion sensing lights, this will likely deter criminals from entering.

7. Be noisy.

Just like light, noise can keep away intruders. They are much less likely to enter a place where they here noise. Keep a radio playing in your garage to scare off any unwanted visitors.

8. Keep the door from your garage into your house secure.

If an intruder does break into your garage, keep them from going farther by keeping the door to your house secure. Don’t assume that your garage door will do that trick, block all possible entry points.

9. Install security cameras.

Installing a security camera is easier and cheaper than it sounds. A bonus of having a camera set up—if you hear a suspicious noise coming from the garage, you can check the camera instead of investigating yourself.

10. Padlock your garage door.

When you’re going to be out of town, put a padlock on your garage door. This will add a little extra security and peace of mind for you.