3 Garage Summer Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your garage isn’t at the top of your summer bucket list, and it’s not on your mind either, be honest. Although cleaning your garage isn’t the most exciting task, you need to routinely upkeep your garage for it to remain habitable.

Deep cleaning your garage twice a year will prevent a myriad of issues from occurring, and the summer is the opportune season to act. Here are three garage maintenance tips to consider. 

1. Your Garage Door Matters

At the top of your garage maintenance checklist should be taking care of your garage door. This is especially important because garage doors are often the first part of a garage to experience problems. Your garage door can last up to 20 years, but for it to remain reliable, you’ll have to ensure that your garage door is in good standing. Not only does a clean garage door free of rust look presentable, but it is in your best interest to make sure that your garage door is kept. A sturdy garage door is a healthy garage door, thereby decreasing your risk of a serious accident.

One of the first signs of your garage door withering down is if it makes squeaky noises when you open and close your garage. Your garage door starts to wear down each time you open and close your garage because garage doors roughly slide up and down when in motion. Fortunately, you can fix several of your garage door’s problems by using lubrication. Additionally, you need to make sure that your garage door is balanced. A lopsided garage door will place strain on your garage door opener. One of the most under looked parts of your garage door is the weather-stripping seal. This is the component at the bottom of your garage door that keeps nature’s elements out of your garage. Inspect your weather-stripping seal to ensure that it is free of cracks. 

2. Your Garage’s Appearance Matters

When doing your garage’s summer cleaning, take a close look at the garage floor. Your garage floor is the base of your garage, and it is essential that your floor be free of cracks to prevent foundation problems. Your garage’s concrete floor takes a beating each day when you park your car over it, slam large storage boxes on it, and set your tools down. Immediately take care of any floor cracks forming to prevent them from expanding. 

The simplest way to maintain your garage’s floor clean is to mop it. For more stubborn stains such as spilled oil, use dry dishwasher detergent. Allow the detergent to sit on the stain for about an hour. Use boiling water over the area, then scrub the stained area with force. 

3. Your Garage’s Environment Matters

The summer is the optimal time for bugs and pests to invite themselves into your home. To keep the number of pests in your garage at a minimum, make sure that every area of your garage is sealed, and don’t leave your garage door opened for extended periods of time. If you own a pet, keep your pet’s kibble in a resealable bag. Clean up any kibble left on the garage floor. Don’t forget about the corners of your garage. You’ll want to use a broom to sweep off spider webs that accumulate and hide in the crevices of your walls. 

Remember the weather-stripping seal mentioned above? The strip’s condition matters so that bugs don’t slide into your garage due to a broken seal. Make sure that you clean up any puddles of water inside and outside of your garage so that mosquitoes don’t nest their eggs inside the water. 

Simple seasonal maintenance will keep your garage in top shape. Summer is the time to invite guests over and to work on personal projects, so take care of your garage. By inspecting your garage from top to bottom each summer, you are making less work for yourself in the long run while increasing your home’s value.