4 DIY Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Problems

Garage door problems can be frustrating and potentially dangerous. Not being able to get in and out of your garage causes you major inconvenience. A falling or malfunctioning door can damage your vehicle and potentially injure your family members and pets. So what are the most common issues you’re likely to experience? Check out this list of potential problems, and learn more about how to solve them.

1. Your Remote Doesn’t Work

The first step is to see if the wall switch works. If it works but your remote doesn’t, dead batteries are the most likely the cause. If this is the issue, you can handle this yourself. Use the manual that came with your automatic opener to find out the type of batteries to use and the correct way to insert them. While you’re at it, change the batteries in all your opener remotes to be safe. If batteries aren’t the problem, it’s time to call for repair service.

2. The Door Won’t Close

If your door won’t close, the most likely reason is a problem with the photo eyes. These are typically located in or near the metal track on either side of your door, near the ground. Between the two runs is an invisible beam of light. When this beam is interrupted, it prevents the door from closing on whatever is in its path. If the door refuses to close when nothing is blocking it, a malfunction is most likely to blame. To fix the problem, start by cleaning the dirt from the sensor eyes with a clean, soft cloth. If that doesn’t work, the problem may be a bad sensor or one that’s out of alignment. Fixing this can get tricky, so call your repair contractor for help.

3. Your Door Opens and Closes On its Own

No need to call Ghostbusters if your door opens and closes at unplanned times, but you may need to call a repair tech. Start by locating all your remotes to be sure that they aren’t accidentally being activated inside someone’s pocket or handbag. In fact, one customer recently found her remote in her dog’s mouth. Another possible cause might be a shared frequency. If your neighbor’s garage door mechanism uses the same frequency as yours, both will open and close when either of you presses the control button. Contact a repair technician to help you reprogram your automatic opener.

4. The Door Won’t Go All the Way Up

This may be the fault of a structural problem. Your garage door travels up and down on a metal track system with rollers. If the tracks aren’t aligned correctly, the door won’t open and shut properly. This could be caused by a simple buildup of dirt in the rails, which you can clean with a brush.

A more serious problem may be actual damage to the metal rails. Check for two problems: Do you notice gaps between the metal rail and the rollers? Do you see bending along the rails? If so, this is a serious problem, affecting the structural integrity of your garage door. Because these doors are so heavy, each time they travel up and down, they cause more damage to the rails. This in turn leads to a dangerous situation for anyone close to the doors. Fixing this problem requires the skill of a trained garage door technician. Attempting this repair yourself can result in serious injury or even death, if the door falls on you.

Some problems are easy for you to fix yourself, but others require the attention of a service contractor. On those occasions, trust the experienced professionals at Utah’s Garage Door Man in Salt Lake City. Whether you need service or a brand-new door system, the Garage Door Man can help you with all of your garage door problems.