4 Reasons You Need a New Garage Door this Spring

If a new garage door sounds like a luxury you can’t afford right now, you haven’t met some of the newest technology.


new garage door

For many homeowners, a new door for the garage can pay for itself much more quickly than they imagined – both financially and practically. If you choose to invest in a new door for your garage this spring, you can expect a boost in your home’s value, security and comfort.

No. 1: A New Garage Door Improves Home Value

Installing a garage door is one of the wisest investments you can make in your home.

The cost is significantly lower than many other upgrades you can make, so it’s easier to work into the budget. This is also one of the best home upgrade investments for recovering your cost. In fact, the increase in your home’s value may be almost as much as the cost of the new door

No. 2: Upgrading Your Garage Door Boosts Curb Appeal

Because this architectural feature is one of the most noticeable on your home, updating and upgrading the door to your garage can significantly increase the aesthetic value of your home.

You and your family will enjoy the upgrade, but so will your neighbors. And, when it’s time to sell your home, you will have an easier time attracting buyers who appreciate the improved curb appeal.

No. 3: A New Garage Door Saves Money on Power Bills

The insulating properties of the latest materials and design can translate to lower power bills. Improved insulation in the garage means less drain on your home’s heating and air conditioning systems. You will also enjoy increased indoor air comfort, and fewer temperature swings during the weather extremes that are common to Northern Utah.

No. 4: New Technology Makes Your Door Much Safer

Safety is a priority for every family – and homeowner. Improved safety technology means your home is better protected against intruders. But it’s the other type of safety that makes the investment worthwhile: human safety.

Advanced technology reduces the chances of equipment failure and accidents. Safety sensors prevent the dangerous weight of the door from coming down on kids, pets and cars.

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