5 Ways To Upgrade Any Garage

You could say your garage is just the place where you keep your cars. But it could be so much more than that! Your garage could be anything from a sophisticated storage area, to sports equipment paradise, a cache for tools, or even a decked-out man cave. Or it could be a little bit of everything! The point is, your garage can be a very functional, comfortable, and even fun space for your family with just a few adjustments. Here are five ways to upgrade any garage.

Upgrade #1: Ceiling Storage

If you have a garage that’s on the smaller side, you may start to feel like the walls are closing in on you when you have boxes and totes stacked along the walls as well as a car or two squeezed in. One way you can help free up space (and feel a little freer yourself) is by adding storage to your ceiling! That’s right, with a few hours and a trip to your local hardware store, you can easily put together this DIY project and get stuff off the floor and out of the way. This is a perfect way to store holiday decorations, or seasonal items.

Upgrade #2: Wall Organization

Another great way to get stuff off the ground but still maintaining easy access to tools is by utilizing your wall storage. The key here is to have good wall organization so that it’s not just a junky mess thrown up on the wall. Whether you decide to go the DIY route or to buy systems that you simply install, the great thing about wall organizers is that they are completely customizable. No matter what you want to store on the wall or how you want to store it, you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Upgrade #3: Insulate

One way to make your garage a more enjoyable place to spend time is by getting it insulated. If you’re able to work in the garage comfortably during the winter months, your “Honey Do” list is sure to vanish in no time and you’ll be able to work on plenty other projects and improvements. Not only that, as you keep your garage warmer you’ll be able to save on energy bills!

Upgrade #4: Better Flooring

One surefire way to make your garage feel more luxurious is by upgrading the flooring to an epoxy flooring. This is one way to instantly increase the value of your garage. It’ll look great, be easier to clean, and is just more pleasant to walk on!

Upgrade #5: New Garage Door

You can’t go wrong with an upgrade to your garage by installing a brand new garage door. If you’re looking at this upgrade, it’s not only going to make you like your garage more, but it’s going to improve the overall look and value of your home. It’s important to choose a garage door company you can trust, which is why The Garage Door Man is a great options. Whether you want wood or aluminum doors, The Garage Door Man will make sure you get beautiful, secure, and functional doors to complete any garage upgrade.