Acid Staining Your Garage Floors: Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your garage floors you may have looked into new flooring options. There are new techniques that have increased in popularity including staining and dying the floor of your garage. To help narrow down your options it’s helpful to take a closer look at all that a new flooring will entail. When it comes to acid staining your garage floors, here are the pros and cons.

First off, what exactly are acid stained garage floors? It is a technique used to color the concrete slab in your garage with a chemical reaction. The acid penetrates the concrete and reacts with the lime in the concrete. You end up with a natural looking, translucent color with some mottling and marbling. Not all concrete floors will end up looking the same however; this will vary depending on the color and age of the concrete you are working with.



One of the obvious pros of acid staining your garage floors is the beautiful finished product. Depending on the condition of your garage floor, you’ll get a lot of variety when it comes to the finish (which may be a con in some instances, see below). Your garage floor will be unique to you and you alone!
Another pro of acid staining is that the finished product won’t fade or need to be replaced, so maintenance will be minimal. Acid stained concrete is also very durable. It is a very cost effective way to get a very unique and polished look in your garage.



If you’re not a fan of the way acid staining looks on concrete, then it might not be the best technique for you. Some of the other cons when it comes to the look of the floor is that the translucent color can highlight imperfections, including crack repairs and color changes from old stains. If your garage floor has already had some wear, acid staining will only accentuate that wear which may not make it the best option. The color selections are also limited when it comes to acid staining. The way the stain will take is pretty unpredictable, so it is best to test a small patch before committing to the entire garage floor.


Whether you decide acid staining is right for your garage floors or not, you’ll want to complete the look of your garage makeover with a garage door you love. It’s a good idea to research garage door prices and installation so that you know you’re getting a quality door at a good value. You’ll also want to consider custom garage door sizes as well as roll up garage door sizes to see which is best for you.

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