American Fork

When’s the last time you took a good, serious look at the condition of your garage doors? If you’re like most in American Fork, you probably don’t pay much attention to those heavy duty doors keeping your cars, home and valuables safe. However, even the best garage doors will lose their stamina after one too many extreme American Fork winters or summers. The wear and tear of going in and out of the garage, holding up against tough weather and those summer garage sales can really take a toll. At The Garage Door Man, we’ve seen it all.

In fact, we’ve been American Fork’s leading garage door servicing, repair and installation company for over 15 years. We know that oftentimes, garage doors are one of the last items on a home to be replaced. It comes after the new paint, additions to the porches and those shutters you just have to have. But did you know garage doors often take up a vast majority of your curb appeal’s real estate space? It deserves some love.

The Garage Door Man Can

At The Garage Door Man, we do it all and it’s done with a professionalism that’s unparalleled in American Fork. We offer emergency services 24-hours a day, around the clock, at absolutely any time of year. This means if you discover your garage door is stuck open before leaving for Thanksgiving or that a reindeer has likely smashed through it during the winter holidays in a gift delivery attempt, we’ll be there for you whether it’s at 3am or right in the middle of the gift giving festivities.

However, we take a particular shine to maintenance and repairs of the routine nature. Getting your garage doors inspected once or twice a year is the best way to keep your doors functioning perfectly while keeping down costs in the long run. Looking to replace your garage doors? That’s the fun part. Explore our vast inventory today.