Bug-Proofing Your Garage

The garage is an important storage zone for your home, as well as a functional space for your cars, toys, and gear. However, the garage can also become breeding grounds for bugs and creepy crawlies. Your garage door opens multiple times a day, and your cars and bikes drag in dirt and other debris. If food or crumbs are dropped, it can be an even more appealing space for critters. Keeping bugs out of your garage can be important for keeping your kids safe, eliminating webs, and minimizing damage to the storage in your garage.

Garage Door Man wants to help you create the perfect garage to meet your needs, and that includes keeping it clean and bug-free. We are here today to give you some helpful tips for bug-proofing your garage for spring and summer.

Bug-Proofing Your Garage For Spring and Summer

Start Clean. Begin by removing all of your belongings from the garage on a sunny Saturday. It’s important to start with a totally empty garage since bugs and attractive elements can be hidden all around your garage.

  • Sweep Away. Sweep out all dirt and crumbs from your garage floor, then be sure to sweep off spider webs and debris from your wall junctions, corners, and the fixtures of your garage door mechanism.
  • Seal Holes. Bugs can find their way into your garage through the tiniest of holes and nearly invisible cracks. Take this opportunity in a clean, empty garage to identify any cracks, holes, or damage. Use caulk to seal off any holes or damage to prevent bugs from entering and setting up shop in your garage. Put new weatherstripping or rubber seal on the bottom of your garage door to keep any bugs from sneaking under.
  • Repairs. Any standing water will attract bugs and create mold. Check for any plumbing leaks or issues with your water spigots and have them repaired. If you are concerned about the functionality of your garage door, call Garage Door Man for repair or replacement of your garage door.
  • Spray & Prevent! Spray the baseboard of your garage and the exterior of your home with insect repellant. You can get bug repellant at a home improvement store or you can call an insect control company to service your home regularly. Consider placing bug traps in the corners of your garage and anywhere you saw bugs when cleaning out your space.
  • Airtight Storage. If you store food, dog food, barbecue supplies, coolers, or anything else with a food smell, it’s important to seal these in airtight containers. Use plastic tubs, metal bins, or plastic bags to contain anything that will attract bugs.

Keeping your garage bug-free is easy, and helps maintain the cleanliness of your garage and storage. It’s well worth the time and effort to keep your garage in pristine conditions since it will save you time, effort, repairs, and gross cleanup in the future. Garage Door Man stands ready to help you with any garage updates, repairs, or maximizing your garage space.