Commercial Garage Door Repair and Maintenance

Commercial Garage Door Repair

Garage door repair and maintenance is serious business for many companies. Whether your business is related to the automotive industry or if you use loading docks as a part of your supply chain, reliable access in and out of your facility is critical. As one of the largest moving parts of your facility, the safety of your staff and customers is even more important. In the commercial setting, it’s critical to ensure that your garage door receives regular professional maintenance.

Why Commercial Garage Door Maintenance is Important

If you don’t believe you need regular maintenance for your commercial garage door, think about whether you like saving money. If you fail to properly maintain the doors you have, their life span will be significantly shortened. If that’s not enough, also prepare for unexpected door failures and constant repair calls. For example, without regular maintenance, an issue that could be solved with a minor adjustment right now might eventually turn into a problem that calls for a costly new part or even a brand new door.

What Commercial Maintenance Entails

Unlike residential garage doors, commercial overhead doors are meant to endure more frequent use. Consequently, more frequent adjustments are required. You can expect a professional maintenance tech to start by tightening any nuts and bolts that might be loose. Lubricating chains, hinges, springs, and other moving parts is the next step. The technician will also inspect the door for problems that might include rusty springs, broken hinges and worn cables. The next step is to ensure that the door is balanced and operating properly, and that the safety features are also working as they should. Trying to perform these tasks yourself could lead to personal injury and damage to the door.

How Often Your Overhead Doors Require Maintenance

Fortunately, you don’t need to schedule maintenance too often, assuming your equipment is in good condition. One to two times per year is usually sufficient, unless you or your employees are particularly tough on your doors. In that case, quarterly inspections are recommended. In fact, the more often you schedule maintenance, the faster you will catch any developing problems. If you suspect an issue with any mechanical component, even if it’s as minor as a newly-developed rattle or squeaking noise, it’s wise to call for an inspection.

If you are committed to keeping your business in the best shape possible, you need to properly maintain your garage doors. In Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas, the Garage Door Man is your go-to specialist for commercial garage door sales and service. Contact them today for all of your commercial garage door repair needs.