4 Common Garage Door Problems

It always seems to happen on your busiest days or those with the most extreme weather. You come home from work to find that you can’t get your garage door to open.

Or it’s time to mow your lawn and the garage door sticks halfway up the track.

Perhaps you’ve been trying to ignore the grinding and crunching sounds when your garage door operates. What can you do?

Issues with garage doors are normal, even if they are rare, and Garage Door Man is ready to help you. 

Whether your garage door is decades old, or brand new, you should learn how to identify the common garage door problems so that you can be prepared in the event that your garage door stops working for you on the most inconvenient day of your year. 

1. Dead Batteries

You wouldn’t believe how often we get a call about a broken garage door, only to find that the transmitter batteries are dead. Save yourself the embarrassment by checking the batteries first. Buy a backup battery for your transmitter and keep it in your vehicle, so that the very first time your transmitter fails to work you can replace the batteries immediately.

2. Sensor Problems

The sensors at the base of your garage door, or “photo eyes,” communicate to the garage door mechanism whenever there are obstacles in the way of the garage door’s path. Sensors are small and lightweight, so they can easily be bumped or kicked out of alignment. In addition, they can accumulate dust and other debris over the lens. These issues are easily fixed. You can adjust the sensors to be back in alignment with pliers or manually. You can carefully clean the lens with a microfiber cloth, taking care to avoid scratching the lens. If you find there are still issues with your sensor (the garage door will come up but won’t come down) then it’s time to call Garage Door Man for repairs.

3. Track Issues

When your garage door is working but doesn’t quite feel right, it’s usually due to an issue with the rolling track on which your garage door glides. This can be due to obstruction, rust, bending, gaps, or other structural issues. Depending on what is blocking your garage door from sliding smoothly up and down the track you might try lubricant, cleaning, reshaping, or possibly replacing the tracks of the garage door. Our experts at Garage Door Man can advise.

4. Springs & Cables Broken

If your garage door comes crashing down or hits the garage loudly when it closes, you may have broken or outlived your tension springs or suspension cables. These help to hold the garage door as it runs along the track and difficulty raising or lowering the garage door could be due to these springs or cables, which can be easy to repair or replace, even by yourself.


At the first sign of garage door problems, call Garage Door Man for your repair, replacement, remodel, and garage consultation needs.