Do You Need Garage Ventilation and Insulation?

Your attached garage is an extension of your home, but do you think about it that way? Do you consider the temperature, ventilation, and security of your garage the same way you do for your main house? More homeowners should think that way about their garages, but fail to do so. We sometimes think of our garages as mere parking spots for our vehicles or storage for our lawnmower, but in reality, they’re just as much a part of the house. 

So what does this mean? It means that your garage also needs proper insulation and ventilation. There are many reasons to improve your garage’s insulation and ventilation, and today Garage Door Man will help you determine if you could benefit from upgrading your garage this summer. 

Garage Ventilation and Insulation

Traditionally, garages aren’t well ventilated. It’s not technically necessary since that giant door is going up and down every day, but you may notice that the air in your garage is stagnant, stale, smelly, or even harmful. Many people use their garages as workshops, so chemicals and shavings can release impurities into the air that make it unsafe to breathe. Our vehicles emit fumes and drip oils as well. Adding better garage ventilation can be as simple as adding a garage ventilation system to your garage door. Insulation is a little trickier. You may need to beef up the insulation in your garage walls and ceiling, then invest in an insulated garage door. This creates a more balanced and resilient garage that doesn’t swing with the temperatures. 

Benefits of Garage Ventilation & Insulation

  • Safety: A properly ventilated and insulated garage is a safer garage. Better ventilation means cleaner air, reducing your risk of breathing toxins and impurities. Better insulation means your garage will remain more temperate, protecting your vehicle, children, pets, and possessions from extreme cold and heat. 
  • Comfort: Have you ever climbed into your car on a summer afternoon to find it baking – inside your garage? It’s so much more comfortable to exit your home into a garage that matches your home’s interior instead of walking into an inferno or an igloo. 
  • Money: Did you know that your uninsulated, poorly ventilated garage is affecting your energy bills? Your garage gets hot, and that heat transfer causes disruption every single time you open and close your door. Even just the contact of an attached garage inadvertently warms and cools your house depending on the outside temperature. A garage that is better insulated and ventilated will be much easier on your home’s HVAC and decrease your monthly utility bills. 

How well ventilated and insulated is your garage? Have you noticed poor air quality, extreme temperatures, and high utility bills? It may be time to consider updating your garage to better support your needs and to improve the quality of your home. Garage Door Man can offer you a total garage upgrade that makes your boring garage a perfect option for whatever you need.