New Garage and Door Installation Add Value to Your Home

New Garage Door

When you add a garage to your home, installing the garage door is one of the most important parts of the project. The demand for garage space has increased so much that this is one of the most frequently undertaken home renovation projects in the United States today. Adding this type of space offers several benefits to an existing home. The investment is often recovered upon sale, because the value of the home is increased substantially. In fact, some real estate experts claim an extra garage bay adds as much value to a house as an extra bathroom. And this extra space is kept safe with a secure garage door.

Attached versus Detached Garages

While most homes have attached garages, it is important to consider the benefits to detached ones as well. Attached garages, the most common choice today in the United States, are primarily selected for their convenience. It is nice to be able to exit and enter your house while also having your own personal connected storage space, and this option is definitely more secure than the detached style. Also, attached units tend to be much less expensive to build than detached, since the existing construction is simply being expanded upon. Finally, attached spaces offer an electric-ready workspace, which is beneficial to many mechanical and handy people for construction and home improvement projects. Detached garages also offer a big advantage for urban residences, since space is often tighter there than in the suburbs.

Return on Investment and Resale Value

Choosing to build a garage is a great way to add value to your home, since garages have become essential for most potential homebuyers. They can add thousands of dollars to the price tag of a house and greatly reduce time spent on the market. On average, homeowners can expect to get back about 70 percent of their investment upon resale. Factoring in the additional monetary and non-monetary benefits, such as extra storage and work space, building a garage is definitely a smart move for any homeowner.

Choosing a Garage Door Installation Contractor

If you’ve decided to invest in an addition or expansion of your space, it is equally important to invest in the time and research needed to find a reputable contractor. The best garage door sales and installation providers possess three key qualities. First, they offer professional and responsive service. Second, reputable contractors install both residential and commercial garage doors, which highlights their extensive knowledge and product availability. Third, they offer a varied selection of popular door brands, styles and automatic opener options. Finally, a good garage door installation contractor provides a comprehensive warranty on parts and installation.

The decision to invest in a garage is a smart one for most homeowners. The resale value as well as the convenience, safety and security benefits often make the decision easy. Finding a great contractor to handle the important parts will make all the difference in the project’s success. If you plan to add or expand your garage in the Salt Lake City area, contact Utah’s Garage Door Man for all of your sales and garage door installation needs.