Why Garage Door Installation Is for Pros Only

Do you really need a professional for garage door installation?

New garage doors can dramatically improve the looks and value of your home, but It’s common and sometimes smart to get frugal when you’re upgrading or building a home from scratch. However, save those thrifty ideas for other projects, because garage door installation is a difficult and dangerous process that the average homeowner won’t want to attempt.

garage door installation

You won’t save much money, if any, trying to handle this job yourself. Installation costs are often built into the cost of the doors, or are so nominal for the amount of work and sheer manpower it takes that the cost is worthwhile.

Plus, if you do try garage door installation yourself, you might void the manufacturer and/or supplier warranty (all warranties are different, so always double check).

Why Is Garage Door Installation so Difficult?

For starters, many homeowners will need to remove old doors first and then dispose of them. Older doors can be much heavier and more awkward than contemporary, high-efficiency doors.

Most homeowners don’t have the ability to dispose of the old doors without renting a special truck, and the dumping costs in addition to truck rentals can easily render any savings moot.

Modern garage doors are often lighter than older, wooden options, but they’re still heavy. The average insulated, 16-by-7-foot garage door weighs 185 pounds. Some are even heavier. Garage doors are also large and difficult to maneuver. You’d need at least two strong adults to even consider removing and installing one yourself.

For the Strong and Powerful

Maybe you’re a power lifter who competes in bodybuilding competitions on the weekends. Even if you and your partner or friends are exceptionally strong and in shape, professional garage door installers have experience and training on their side. You’ll need to measure and attach hinges and handles, put the panels in one at a time (if you have a paneled door), install the rollers, then make sure the tracks and springs are in place.

One wrong move and you might be setting up your home for disaster. It’s not always obvious if the rollers, track, springs and other moving parts are not safely in place. Sometimes they precariously sit where they should, looking like they’re secure, but they might fail at the worst possible time.

Even though security measures are in place with modern doors, those measures might not be effective if the door isn’t properly installed.

The risk, pain, struggle and headache that might come with trying garage door installation yourself simply isn’t worth it. A professional crew can quickly and safely install new doors, haul away old doors and they offer a guarantee on their services.

Peace of mind doesn’t have a price tag. Call the Garage Door Man to schedule your garage door installation today.