Garage Door Installation Time Frame

How long does garage door installation take?

If you have a professional handle this task, just a few hours (depending on the type of doors and technology involved).

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Some homeowners try to save a little cash by going the DIY route, but this can be both dangerous and time-consuming.

Professionals also often offer a guarantee with installation, and you deserve the peace of mind of knowing your garage doors are properly installed, safe and secure.

Professional garage door installation companies will be faster and better at this job than most homeowners. With the best tools, a lot of experience, and oftentimes their reputation and job on the line, they are simply better prepared than homeowners.

In many cases, teams can also arrange to have old doors removed and hauled away for a nominal fee.

Planning Your Garage Door Installation

Although some homeowners might say garage door installation is easy, and for some it can be, usually the tough part is getting old, heavy and sometimes dangerous doors removed. New doors come with instructions, but older ones require guesswork, along with some trial and error for novices. You could damage tracks, springs and more, so what seems like a quick weekend project can turn sour quickly.

A reputable company will work around your schedule. You don’t need to be home for the full installation, but a lot of homeowners prefer it so they can learn how their doors work.

More garage doors have home automation features these days, so getting an expert to show you how to instantly sync and manage your doors from anywhere on a mobile device gets your home up and running quickly.

Learning the Ropes

Knowing the basic mechanics of your new doors is important so you can watch for any signs of trouble between maintenance inspections. Your installation crew can show you where the springs are and how to spot wear or rust, how the garage door openers should operate and sound, and how to test sensors for functionality.

Young homeowners can especially benefit from a professional installation, especially since they can learn a few DIY tasks along the way. Everyone should be able to recognize the signs of a garage door that needs some TLC. Homeowners should also know how to manage their (increasingly smart) doors so they can be certain the doors will keep their home and family protected. Homeowners often use garage doors more than any other door to access their home.

The Garage Door Man handles the tough work, so when you need garage door installation, depend on us.