Garage Door Insulation – Do You Need It?

Garage Door Insulation

Garage door insulation can help protect your garage and property against damage from outdoor temperature extremes. It can also make your garage a more comfortable space if you spend time working in it during the summer or winter months. Some of the benefits of having an insulated garage door are readily apparent, but other, less obvious factors can tip the scales in favor of making the investment.

What Can an Insulated Garage Door do for Me?

  • More Efficiency, Less Repairs – If your water heater or any of your water lines run through the garage, an insulated garage door can help. If a water pipe freezes and bursts in your garage, it can be a costly mess to deal with. And even if your water heater is blanketed, it’s going to run harder in winter to keep your home supplied with hot water. The less heat loss your garage suffers in winter, the less money you’ll waste on utilities, and allowing your water heater to run less will extend its life.
  • Give Your Car a Break – Protecting your vehicles against freezing temperatures in winter helps keep your car in good repair and can prevent expensive repairs. Summer’s heat can also cause damage to your car, and shorten the useful life of some parts; if the freezing temperatures didn’t get them, the heat probably will.
  • Keep Tools And Supplies Safe – Most of us waste a good deal of money throwing out paint, cleaners, and other supplies that were ruined by excessive heat or cold in the garage. We all try to get everything winterized before the first big freeze, but sometimes, despite our best efforts, we accidentally leave some water or gel fuel in a piece of equipment. An insulated garage door might make the difference between a lucky break and another repair bill. Did you know that temperature extremes also shorten the lives of rechargeable batteries…like the ones in all your cordless tools?
  • Work in Comfort – If you need to be out in your garage year-round to work on projects, repair cars and machinery, or whatever else, you’ll find it much easier to keep the space at a comfortable temperature with an insulated door. Your space heater may actually be able to keep up in winter! And when the sun is blazing down on your garage door during summer, the air inside the garage will stay much cooler, so you can keep comfortable with a small fan.

Keep Mother Nature Outside

You have many sound reasons to consider an insulated garage door, and the benefits will add up quickly. If you have any questions, the experts at The Garage Door Man will give you seasoned advice for all your garage door insulation needs.