Garage Door Opener Options

New Garage Door Opener

When shopping for a new garage door opener, you want options from the most renowned brand in the industry. LiftMaster is regularly ranked as one of the most durable, innovative and popular brands of garage door openers, which is why we carry the complete line.

The Elite Series set the bar high for all other openers on the market, offering a complete suite of features including smart openers, the ability to control everything from your phone, advanced security features and battery backup so you never have to worry about power outages (or wonder if you left the garage door open when you’re en route to the airport).

The Elite 8500 mounted garage door opener has a chic, space-saving design. It comes with Security+ 2.0 and timer-to-close features. The Elite Series and the 8500 boost your security, since you can monitor and manage your door as well as home lighting from anywhere, as long as you have it linked with Internet Gateway.

Set up email or text status alerts for your home lighting and garage doors by downloading the free MyQ app, which is compatible with HomeLink.

Now That’s a Smart Door

You don’t only want a smart door, you want a powerful one. The Elite series gives you P3 Motor power, designed just for garage door openers. They’re also ultra-quiet, minimizing vibrations and sound all the way through the ceiling, which is a must for homes with living spaces near or over the garage. Enjoy 200 watts of light with a customizable remote light and time delay. All openers come with the LiftMaster lifetime motor warranty and five-year parts warranty, too.

Safety is a priority, and it comes built in with Security+ 2.0, which sends a new code to your opener with each click. The door will open only for you, helping to ensure the safety of your home.

Peace of mind comes with audio and visual warnings when doors are closing, and the motion detector tells the lights to come on the second anyone enters the garage. The protector system has a light beam spanning the door opening, so it won’t close if anything is in the way. Plus, the power lock deadbolt makes sure doors can never be forced open.

Open Wide!

Take a look at the wide selection of other garage door openers, like the 8550 opener with one-of-a-kind DC belt drive technology, which promises several years of maintenance-free, reliable service using 75 percent less power while in standby.

The 8557W opener has a three-quarter HP AC belt drive with Wi-Fi so you can control it with any mobile device, desktop or laptop, and it includes a steel reinforced belt for extra-heavy doors.

Find out more about the many options in the LiftMaster lineup. Talking with a pro at the Garage Door Man ensures you’ll find the perfect garage door opener for you.