Garage Door Openers in Orem & Salt Lake City, UT areas

Perhaps the most important part of any garage door is the transmitter or "opener"-the system that gives the order to lift and lower the garage door. It doesn't matter how good the doors look if they don't perform the one and only function they're designed for. That's why The Garage Door Man ensures 100 percent functionality of all garage door openers. Looking good is of course a bonus, but when the transmitter is acting up, that makes your property vulnerable.

While little pieces such as springs, tracks and screws can certainly cause some serious issues with how well a garage door opens and closes-if at all-when the entire transmitter is wacky, you're in big trouble. Luckily, many times garage door openers can be repaired or smaller pieces can be replaced. This means a faster, more affordable fix. However, sometimes it's the entire unit that needs to be replaced.

Small or large, The Garage Door Man is up for the task.

garage door openers salt lake city ut

You Just Have One Job...

As the primary exterior entrance (and exit) of your home or business, garage door openers plays a crucial role in your property's protection-and the security of your family. Routine inspections can catch transmitters going awry before they completely go kaput. There are also times when they seemingly break with no red flags at all. At The Garage Door Man, our skilled specialists have worked with all types of transmitters and engage in continuing education to guarantee that whether your transmitter is decades old or brand new, we can have your doors performing their one job perfectly in no time.

We also carry a full line of LiftMaster garage door openers in this part of Utah...

Providing our neighbors with the choice and quality they deserve!

If you're still smitten with the style of your doors, replacing garage door openers is a great way to maintain aesthetics while optimizing function and safety. On the other hand, if you're ready for a full garage makeover, choosing a beautiful garage door panel with a complementary transmitter that works seamlessly is a fantastic way to give your home an upgrade-both in style and security.

The transmitter is the heart and soul of your garage door, so when it's not up to snuff it can mess up a big part of your home. Watch out for signs like shaky opening and closing, or a garage door that seems like it's requiring a lot of get up and go to, well, get up and go. You deserve garage door openers that's working at 100 percent. call (801) 356-6020 today to find out more!