Garage Door Problems You Can Avoid This Winter

Winter is right around the corner, which means the temperatures will drop. With the bitter cold outside it’s even more important to keep your home warm and secure inside. This means you should winterize your home by making sure you seal up any cracks or leaks around windows and doors.

You should give your HVAC system a tune-up to make sure you won’t have any problems heating your home. And of course, you want to make sure your garage stays secure and as warm as possible. This will help keep your home warmer and making getting into your car on a cold, dark morning less uncomfortable.

But colder temperatures can mean problems for many garage doors. Here are a few garage door problems, and how you can avoid them this winter.

1. Garage Door Out of Line

A garage door that is out of line is a problem anytime of year, but if you have to deal with a garage door that isn’t opening or closing properly in the wintertime you’ll have much more of a hassle trying to get it fixed and dealing with the cold in the meantime. When you have too much grease on your garage door tracks can easily cause your garage door to move out of alignment. Too little lubrication and you’re going to have problems as well. Before it gets too cold, make sure your garage door has the proper amount of grease.

2. Contracting Metal

When the temperature gets to a certain degree, metal begins to contract. This can be a problem if a part or several parts of your garage door begin to change shape. When it comes to moving parts that are made specifically to fit and function in a particular way, this can cause your garage door to be less effective. Unfortunately, completely avoiding contracting metal isn’t possible, but you can do things to help. Be sure you’ve properly oiled your springs, screw-drives, and ball bearings to help these parts move as easily as possible despite any shape change. (Just be sure to avoid your track so that you don’t over-grease it and cause your garage door to get out of line).

3. Slow Automatic Doors

While not as intense as a garage door coming completely out of line, an automatic door that is slow to open and close can really dampen anyone’s day. When the weather gets cold enough, it can actually cause your garage door motor to run much slower than usual. The good news is, the fix is pretty simple. Just adjust the torque settings slowly until you’re happy with the speed of your automatic door.

If you experience these or any other issues with your garage door this winter, don’t hesitate to contact the garage door experts at The Garage Door Man. No matter what garage door problem you’re facing, they can fix it quickly so that your garage, cars, and home stay a little warmer this winter.