Garage Door Repair and Animals

You expect the occasional garage door repair due to worn-out springs or track issues, but what about pests?

garage pest control

Wild animals seek out warm spaces in the cooler months, and your garage (especially if you regularly open the doors or keep them open!) is the perfect haven.

Birds nesting in your garage or raccoons chewing their way in can be a nuisance. Animals might also sniff out the birdseed, dog food or extra treats you store in the garage and try desperately to gain entry.

Stuffing steel wool into gaps can prevent many animals from entering your garage, but smarter animals will figure out they can just remove it. Some homeowners swear by commercial or DIY deterrents, from hot sauce to chemicals a human nose can’t sniff out.

Urine products used in hunting can keep some animals away, but the best approach is to work with your garage door repair expert to identify 1) what animal is causing the problem, 2) what they’re trying to accomplish, and 3) the best way to stop their behavior with maintenance or upgrades. You may need to bring in a professional pest removal expert.

Basics to Prevent Garage Door Repair

Eventually, all garage doors will need some upkeep and repairs, but you want your doors to last as long as possible. Oftentimes, animals are after a food source, so removing that is the best way to make them forget about your garage.

If they’re after shelter, it’s much tougher to sway them. If your garage doors are old, this may be the push you need to upgrade to safer, more high-tech doors that animals can’t penetrate.

Routine maintenance, where a garage door repair pro checks all the parts, is the best way to spot pest problems before they get out of control. You might not notice chew marks or telltale signs of nests, but a garage door repair technician will. Before a full-blown infestation occurs, you can often dissuade the solo animal from taking up permanent residence.

Full Removal

In the case of larger pests like skunks, opossums and raccoons, it’s often best to call animal control. They can humanely capture the animals and release them in the wild where they’re not liable to bother humans again.

Smaller pests like chipmunks and squirrels can be handled the same way. Or you can simply make your garage too difficult to enter, and they’ll go look for an easier target.

Insects can be warded off by spraying organic pesticides around the base and frame of your doors.

Find out more about the many ways to tackle pest problems, starting with the quality of your garage doors. Let the Garage Door Man help fix your pest problem with better garage doors, repairs or maintenance.