Garage Door Repair (Back It Up)

What’s the most common reason homeowners call for garage door repair? They’ve backed into the closed doors.

For many, it’s an embarrassing call to make. Don’t worry, a reputable garage door supplier won’t judge you for this mishap. They get these calls a lot more often than you think! It’s common to be on autopilot behind the wheel, and sometimes you’re sure you hit that open button when you haven’t. Often, people are tired and in a rush when they’re pulling out of garages.


In colder months when it’s icy, it’s also common for cars to slide right into garage doors. If this happens to you, stay calm, and call a garage door repair specialist right away.

Making the Call

Never try to fix a damaged garage door yourself, even temporarily. If you need to leave, make sure the door to the house is locked, and remove any valuables from the garage. Call the garage door repair shop, and leave the fix to the pros. Garage doors are huge, heavy and can easily hurt someone if they’re damaged.

Don’t risk even a small fix yourself. Homeowners can make the problem worse. Cables can snap, springs can break, and an open garage door can suddenly come down. There’s no telling how severe the damage really is, so don’t take any risks.

Open Sesame

In some cases, you may be able to manually close the garage door. Only attempt this if there’s minimal damage, and you can easily pull the garage door down while staying clear of its path. Automatic openers only apply as much force as a human can by hand, so if it’s tough to pull down, it’s really stuck. Applying too much effort can harm the chain, belt, opener or motor.

Yes, there are security issues with an open door, but it’s not as dangerous as trying to force a door to close.

In many cases, garage doors are damaged during “off hours.” After all, that’s when you’re most likely entering and exiting your garage! That’s why it’s so important to have a garage door repair shop with emergency hours on your side. It’s best to confirm this before disaster strikes. The last thing you need is to be hustling for a garage door repair shop (any shop!) when you’re stressed with a damaged door.

A quality shop will also give you a quote upon arrival. Costs can vary drastically based on damage, door size, model and more, but are often much more affordable than homeowners think. In severe cases, the door may need to be replaced. However, a garage door repair shop like The Garage Door Man will ensure your home is safe and secure in the interim.