Garage Door Safety Tips

Garage Door Safety

Garage door safety should be on the mind of every homeowner, and for good reason. Not only is your garage door the largest and heaviest moving part of your home, it’s also critical to your security and access to your home. Following are some basic safety tips that will help to keep your garage a safe space for you and your family, while protecting you from the environment and potential criminals.

Controls and Operation

For starters, never let children play with a garage door opener. In fact, you should make sure the wall-mounted control is installed high enough that it is out of reach of little hands. With little ones in your home, this is a must. Next, familiarize yourself with your model’s instruction manual and learn how to use the emergency release feature too, just in case you ever need it.

The Importance of Regular Inspection

Experts recommend that homeowners visually inspect the door about once a month. Examine the springs, the cables, the rollers and the pulley system for signs of stress and wear. This allows you to detect any potential problems and have them repaired before a safety hazard develops. At the same time, test the door’s reversing mechanisms. You can do this by placing a board or old tire in the door’s path. It should stop and automatically reverse when it comes into contact with the obstruction. If it doesn’t, contact a repair person immediately. Auto reverse features have been required since the early 1990s. If your model is older than this, consider upgrading to one that offers the safety of a reversing feature.

Commonsense Safety Tips

Experts advise that for safety reasons, you should never leave your door partially open. When you activate the door again, it could go down instead of up and come into contact with an object in its path. Leaving the door ajar also compromises the security of your home. If you plan to be away for any length of time, like when you go on vacation, unplug the door or use the vacation lock console that is available on some automatic opener models. This renders all remotes unusable, making it hard for criminals to hack your electronic opener. Finally, consider upgrading to an opener that uses rolling code technology. This feature provides an extra layer of security by helping to prevent unwanted access.

In the Salt Lake City area, contact Utah’s Garage Door Man with all your questions and repair needs. Their experienced team knows exactly how to keep you and your family safe and secure, using the most up-to-date equipment and technology. Arranging for a professional inspection and maintenance service once each year is the most effective way to keep your equipment safe and in good working order. Contact The Garage Door Man today for all of your garage door safety needs.