Why Did My Garage Door Come Off Its Tracks?

If your garage door has come off it’s track, your first thought is probably “how do I get this thing back on?” While this is a very good question to ask, and should be one of your first course of actions, it is also important to ask yourself, “Why did my garage door come off it’s tracks?”

No, this is not an irrelevant question. By understanding why it came off the tracks in the first place, you can understand how to avoid it again in the future. Because when your garage door isn’t on it’s tracks you can actually be in a pretty dangerous situation. Make sure you and your family are safe by getting your garage door secure, and then consider these reasons the door may have come off it’s tracks.

Reason #1: An Accident With Your Car

One of the number one reasons garage doors come off their tracks are because drivers are in a hurry, impatient for their garage door to finish opening completely before backing out. Or, if you’re really having a rough day you may forget to open your garage door altogether before backing out… or backing into your garage door. This is dangerous on a number of levels.  Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, one that doesn’t take long to cause serious side effects or even death. You should always make sure your garage door is open completely before you even think about starting your vehicle. The other safety issue, of course, is that your garage door has been compromised. It doesn’t take much speed (only three to five miles per hour) to knock your garage door off it’s tracks. In most cases, you will probably damage the bottom section or two of garage door, which would be enough to put your garage door in a precarious situation without knocking it off it’s tracks completely.

Reason #2: Broken Rollers

Another reason your garage door may have issues with the tracks is if you have broken or damaged rollers. Whether it is from old age, extreme wear, or just poor quality, a broken roller or two can put more strain on the existing rollers, leading to more damage and more breaks. This sets off a chain of events that can lead to all sorts of problems with your garage door. If you’re in the market for new rollers, talk to the experts at The Garage Door Man. Whether you choose steel, nylon, or nylon covered steel, the experts at The Garage Door Man can help you decide which rollers are right for you, and get them installed properly so you won’t have to worry any more issue with your garage door.

Reason #3: Horizontal Tracks Bend

Lastly, poor-quality horizontal tracks could be the issue with your garage door. If the horizontal tracks aren’t up for the job, a small amount of impact can cause the tracks to bend and bring your garage door down.

Regardless of why your garage door is off its track, let the experts with The Garage Door Man get your garage door back on track.