Garage Door Trends of 2018

It’s that time of year when you stand at your curb and give your home and yard a long, scrutinizing look. As the weather begins to warm and things start to come alive again it’s the perfect opportunity to do a little spring cleaning both inside and out, and really take your curb-appeal to the next level.

While adding some new blooms to your garden and repainting your shutters will make a big difference, there is one thing that can really change the way your home looks that many forget to upgrade — your garage door.

While you could just go with a standard white garage door from Home Depot or Lowe’s, there are many trendy new options that are worth the consideration. Here are a few of the hottest garage door trends of 2018.


New Technology

Before considering the look of your new garage door, consider all of the hardware that will go with it. One of the biggest trends for garage doors in 2018, as with practically any other category out there, will come with some awesome new technology and gadgets. You can make using your garage door easier and intuitive with things like controls via your smartphone. You can also improve the safety of your garage door and the security! As you consider a new garage door and your garage door opener installation, consider upgrading to some of the newest technology available.


Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors have made a comeback as one of the trends to consider for 2018. It’s a classic garage door choice that never really goes out of style. The warmth and classic look is one that is inviting and looks good with any style home.


Adding Color

White garage doors are boring when you consider the recent trend of colored garage doors! Don’t be afraid to let your garage door shine and take centerstage. You can make it a statement piece and add lots of personality by updating your garage door with a pop of color.



Garages aren’t the dirty storerooms for boxed junk they once were. With new techniques for flooring, organization, and even warmth, the garage is now a place where any member of the family can go comfortably. Which is why adding windows is a big trend for 2018. You’ll get added light in the garage that makes it even more inviting! And with plenty of frosted glass options, you won’t have to miss out on any of the privacy you had before.

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