Garage Storage Options

Garage Storage

Garage storage is a hot topic today. Americans are generating a growing demand for more comprehensive storage options for the home. The garage is of particular interest in this craze, as people search for ways to bring their vehicles back indoors. This is particularly important in northern Utah, where weather can be brutal on cars all year long. Fortunately, several creative storage solutions are available today. Here are some exciting ideas for getting your own garage in order.

Why Garage Storage is Important

Home organization has become a multi-billion-dollar business in the United States. In a recent survey, almost half of Americans cited the need for improved organization and storage capacity as the reason for home renovation projects. Home improvement stores and other savvy retailers have also bought into this trend, increasing their offerings for everything from plastic bins and organizers to heavy-duty shelving units. The garage is at the heart of the trend, as more and more people pledge to tackle the piles of stuff keeping them from parking their cars inside.

Creative Options for Garage Storage

Garage storage options range from simple and inexpensive to costly custom systems. Most home centers offer heavy-duty mix-and-match components that allow you to purchase only those items that will fit and store what you need. Most custom closet companies will come to your home and measure the space, spending time with you to learn about your needs before providing a proposed layout and price. Overhead storage racks are also popular, as this approach can more than double the capacity of your space, allowing you to use the wasted areas near the ceiling.

Adding Storage in Your Garage

If you have been using your garage as a place to stash everything from sporting goods to lawn-care equipment, you may feel overwhelmed. Before choosing a storage system or solution, a full-scale sorting and organizing session is in order. Devote a weekend to moving everything in the garage to the driveway or the center of the room. Donate anything you don’t use or need, move everything you can into the attic or outdoor storage shed, then sort the rest into categories. Once you have identified the volume and configuration of what you need to store, you can select a system that will best accommodate your needs.

Before you decide on a storage solution, carefully consider how it may affect your garage door and automatic opener. In the quest to clear the clutter, homeowners sometimes install racks or shelving that interfere with the door system. This can cause significant damage to your overhead door and potentially pose a threat of injury. In Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas, The Garage Door Man provides service, repair and installation of all types of garage doors and accessories. Contact them today for a preventive maintenance service and inspection. The professional technicians can provide sound advice for how your proposed garage storage solutions can work best with your existing equipment.