How To Childproof Your Garage

The garage can be a fun place for kids. There are toys, tools, bugs, places to hide, and more. Unfortunately, the garage can be a downright dangerous place for kids. No matter the age of your kids you might consider assessing your garage for its safety. This time of year is exactly the right moment to make your garage a little safer as you complete your spring cleaning. You’ll be clearing out grime and dirt and snowblowers, so take a few extra minutes to childproof that garage to keep your children safe.

1. Test the Sensor

Try tripping the sensor line when the garage door is descending. Does it immediately stop? Or does it take a few seconds? Does it work all the way across the garage? If you are noticing any issues with your garage door sensor, Garage Door Man can repair or tune-up with just a phone call. Another thing to test is the accessibility of the garage door opener and any manual toggles. Can your kids reach the garage door opener by themselves? If so, you might want to consider moving the garage door opener or tying up any dangling parts so that kids can’t access any parts of the garage.

2. Lock Anything Large

One of the most frequent ways kids get hurt in a garage is by climbing into large objects that open. Suffocation, getting stuck, pinching, and falling in or out of these opening objects can be very dangerous. This means cars should be locked, and childproofing locks should be placed on fridges, washing machines, dryers, containers, or cabinets. Not only do you want to discourage climbing, but you also want to be sure that kids don’t get stuck inside any of these objects.

3. Store Smart

Where do you keep chemicals and heavy tools? Too many parents store them on the floor or on a low bench, or even hanging from hooks within children’s reach. Just because your kids have never tried to play with these dangerous items, doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. All it takes is one day of boredom, or a new neighbor venturing into the garage with them to inspire a game with the garden hose as a sword or mixing up colorful bottles of who knows what. Instead, take some time to hang a high shelf or two in your garage for storing chemicals, any dangerous tools, and anything else that you don’t want your kids getting into.

Your spring cleaning should include careful inspection of your garage to keep everyone in your home safe and to protect your important equipment. If you need help assuring the safety and effectiveness of your garage door, call Garage Door Man. We can provide repairs, tune-ups, upgrades, and general consultations for your garage door needs. Whether you’re concerned about a clunky garage door or considering a more modern and effective garage door, we stand ready to help you with any garage door questions or concerns.