How To Get Dents Out of Your Garage Door

Garage door dents are very common, unfortunately. Maybe you bumped it with your car, maybe a soccer ball got kicked into it, or maybe someone got bumped into it—no matter the reason, garage door dents aren’t always avoidable.

But the good news is that many dents can be fixed. If the dent is small enough, you can likely fix it yourself with some household items. A dented garage door should be address as the dent can potentially worsen and lead to other problems for the function of your garage door.

Not only that, but a dent can be a bit of an eye sore. Your dent problems can be gone within minutes with just a few simple steps.

The Foil, Flame, and Air Method

For this DIY method, you’ll need tin foil, a lighter, and an air can. The method here will allow you to drastically change the temperature of dented metal to help it repair itself and return to it being part of a smooth garage door.

  • Wash the dented area with dish soap and water. Allow it to dry before continuing.
  • Use tin foil to cover the dent. Hold the foil flat over the dented area as close to the door as possible.
  • With a lighter, more a flame back and forth over the dented around for about a minute. Use a consistent motion. Remove the foil and spray the dented area with an air can for at least 30 seconds. While spraying, hold the can upside down.

Hit it Out

Your dent may be reversible simply by hitting it out. If you have a wood block, a mallet, and some sand paper, you can try the hit it out method. With this method, you will actually hit the dent back, and flatten it out into its former state. When this has been done, you may have to paint the dented area to blend it in.

  • Wash the dented area with dish soap and water. Allow the area to dry completely before continuing.
  • Place a wood block over the dent and hit it lightly with a mallet. Repeat until the dent it evened out.
  • Sand the area to make it completely evened out.
  • Apply primer, let it dry.
  • Paint over the dented area to blend it in.  

Replace a Panel

Not all dents will be completely repairable. It is likely, if you dent is more than a few inches in size, you’ll need to replace a panel. If this is the case, your garage door is likely off balance. An unbalanced door can lead to a worn out opener, and door getting off track, and other problems. Contact a professional to repair this dent or replace the panel to avoid further problems from occurring. If the dent is significant, you may need to replace the entire door. Contact Garage Door Man for the best options for your garage door needs.