How To Prevent Garage Door Rust

One reality of our garage doors is that most of them are steel, with steel hardware and mechanisms. The great thing about steel garage doors and mechanisms is that they’re durable, hardworking, and lightweight, making them an excellent material for a garage door. One drawback about steel garage doors and mechanisms is the inevitability of rust. Rust can commonly accumulate on your steel garage door panels or garage door mechanisms due to moisture or age.

Have you noticed rust anywhere in your garage? Maybe it’s time to check. As we come out of the winter months and into spring and summer, you may find rust has begun to appear due to the moisture in your garage during the winter and wet spring we’ve had.

Garage Door Man is here today to share our expertise in the field of garage door maintenance, rust prevention, and rust removal for garage doors.

Garage Door Rust

Rust is more than just an unsightly addition to your garage door. Rust can cause potentially serious issues for your garage door and garage door mechanism. Rust is corrosive, which means it weakens and breaks down the metal of your garage door and garage door mechanisms, making them less durable and even less functional. Left untreated, garage door rust can compromise your entire garage door system. Further, rust in your garage door mechanism can create creaking, squeaking, clunking, and other scary sounding noises as your garage door operates.

Preventing Rust

The best way to prevent rust is to choose galvanized materials for your garage door. Galvanized metal is dipped in a zinc solution that resists rust and other forms of corrosion. Be sure that your garage door utilizes galvanized metal and that any replacement parts you use are also galvanized.

To prevent rust on your garage door panels, paint the panels with an even coat of latex-based paint. Be sure to get the sides and edges of your garage door panels as well, to prevent moisture and rust. Your garage door panels should be repainted every 1-2 years to ensure continued protection against rust.

Lubricating your garage door mechanism is another way to prevent rust and other buildup. Clean your garage door mechanism first with gentle soap, then apply a thin layer of an oil lubricant such as household oil or WD-40. This will prevent scratching which can invite rust. Apply lubricant every 4-6 months or as needed to prevent rust.

Garage Door Rust Removal

First begin by cleaning the entire area affected by rust with a mild detergent and dry thoroughly. Once clean, take the time to carefully sand down the rust. This will take a lot of work and finesse, especially if the rust is in hard-to-reach places. Use sandpaper or a power sander if you can access it. Once all the rust is removed, carefully wipe and dry all moisture. Then prime and paint to prevent further rust damage.

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