Improve Curb Appeal with Trendy Garage Door Design

Trendy Garage Door

As your garage door comprises about 30% of the front of your home, a nice-looking garage door adds to the visual appeal of your home. When doors are at the side or the back, they contribute less to curb appeal, but their usual positioning in the front makes them one of the first things that passersby notice about your house.

By adding a new door that is attractive and has good insulating properties, you can even benefit when you sell your house. According to the annual Cost vs. Value survey done by Remodeling Magazine, a new garage door also increases resale value, while providing you with a good percentage of your investment back. This means that you are smart to follow the latest trends in garage door design for added wow factor that will pay off.

Popular Trends in Garage Door Design

What’s hot in garage door design these days?

  • They are insulated. Most manufacturers make insulated models with R-values that start from around R-3 and can exceed R-17. Buying a door with at least R-10 is recommended in colder climates for the best insulating value. Models with polyurethane sandwiched between layers of the door versus polystyrene panels are the most effective.
  • They come in a wider variety of factory finishes. Many garage doors are white or almond, but homeowners tend to paint them when the factory finish looks dull. Now, most manufacturers have expanded their array of baked on factory finishes that will last better than paint you apply. The color range varies by manufacturer, but finding a door in black, gray, desert sand, hunter green, and a variety of browns and tan is fairly common and can add to the appeal of your home.
  • They don’t have to be plain. Panel doors may be flat, but can also have a variety of trim options built in that vary their look by using trim and rails; they can look like a barn door or have many other variations to change their appearance. They can even be made with an arched frame at the top that makes the door looked curved; even the windows are arched to complete the look.
  • They make better use of glass. Many doors are available with windows in the top panel, but you can have more glass in other panels. Even though the glass is often frosted for privacy, more light still flows into the garage, which makes all-window doors look particularly striking on a contemporary home.
  • They take directions from your smart phone. Modern garage doors coordinate with smart phone apps that allow you to open the door, turn on lights, and activate security features, which makes your garage door convenient for modern day living.

When you are looking for a modern garage door to add more curb appeal to your home, call Garage Door Man today; we will come out to your home for a free evaluation and estimate.