Innovations in Garage Door Opener Technology

Today, the garage door opener industry has gone high-tech.


Sure, you can still get the familiar keychain fobs you know and love. But you can also choose from a variety of features and equipment designed to improve safety, security and convenience for you and your family.

Suffice it to say, these aren’t your grandfather’s garage openers.

Garage Door Opener Safety and Security

Safety and security are always the first priority for garage doors and opener systems. Today’s newest technology has improved safety and security in a number of important ways.

Intelligent interface consoles mount wherever you would normally place your wall-mounted opener. But, in addition to giving you the “big button,” these interface points keep an event log telling you who has been in and out. They allow you to program your opener from the console, instead of having to climb up a ladder and do it the old-fashioned way.

They even offer troubleshooting capacity, so you can tell us the error codes when you call for repair

One particularly intriguing feature offered by intelligent interface garage openers is the ability to lock out the door’s operation during a desired period of time. So, if you want to prevent someone from accessing your home through the garage while you’re at work or on vacation, you can program the console to lock out the opener.

Whole-Home Technology for Automatic Garage Openers

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all the rage today, as a way to automate some or all of your home’s major systems. Lights, heat and AC, security systems and door locks are just some of the functions that can be controlled from anywhere in the world with whole-home technology.

Automatic openers are an important part of home automation. In addition to the remote controls you’re accustomed to, you can operate your door remotely with a smartphone or tablet app. That way, if your spouse leaves home and forgets to close the garage door – again – you can receive a notification on your phone and handle it right from your desk.

Garage Door Openers with Video Monitoring

Today’s video home security systems are affordable to purchase and easy to set up, making them practical for most homeowners. But did you know you can add video monitoring to your garage and automatic opener?

The many security features available today makes it pretty hard for criminals to make it inside through the garage. Nevertheless, if a determined burglar does make it in, the motion will activate the video recording feature. This footage can be downloaded and shared with police and your neighbors.

Most of the leading garage door opener manufacturers offer wi-fi and smart technology options as well as smartphone apps. In some cases, older automatic openers can be retrofit to use this exciting technology.

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