Insulated Garage Doors: Pros and Cons

Summer has arrived and with it the onslaught of rising temperatures. Door and windows stay shut tight to keep your cold air in and the thermostat works round the clock.

The one place that may not be as cool as you would like it to be is your garage. It may not have been very noticeable until now, but as you leave your home and step into the garage you are hit with a wall of heat. Everything inside your garage is now subject to it… storage, tools and supplies, your extra freezer, and of course, your vehicles.

There is a way to help alleviate some of the heat in the summertime as well as the cold in the winter and that is with insulated garage doors. If you’re looking for a way to stabilize the heat in your garage, here are some of the pros and cons of insulated garage doors.  


Your garage door is the largest opening to your home. Because your insulated garage door will keep your garage and home warmer and cooler in winter and summer, you can expect some increased energy efficiency and some savings on your energy bill.

It will also make your garage more comfortable which is a major benefit if you spend a lot of time working in the garage. You won’t be able to tell if your garage door is insulated from the outside but it’ll make a difference to the inside.

So if you’re worried about how the insulation might affect the look of your garage, not to worry. Your insulated garage door is sturdier and stronger because of the extra materials which not only makes them resistant to dents but can also make your garage door quieter.


Because they are made with extra materials and are more complex, insulated garage doors will cost more than your traditional garage door. They can also be heavier with those extra materials.

Depending on where your garage door is located you’ll notice a range of a difference with insulation. For example, if your garage door is located just off of your living room where your family spends a lot of time, the room will feel warmer.

But if the garage is far from high-traffic areas of the home or if it’s completely detached, you may not notice a difference at all.

There aren’t many cons to getting an insulated garage door. The biggest factor for many homeowners is the garage doors prices. If you’re looking for standard or custom garage door sizes for insulated doors, do some price checking.

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Weigh your options when it comes to installation of insulated garage doors, and when you’re ready to make a change be sure to give The Garage Door Man a call.