You ask a lot of your garage doors—they keep your car safe, maximize security between the great outdoors and your home, and act as curb appeal (especially for those two- and three-car garage varieties). They do a lot for you, but are you returning the favor? Lehi is a fantastic place to live, especially with those four distinct seasons, but severe weather shifts can really do a number on your home’s exterior, including those trusty garage doors. From intense sun to piles of snow, your garage doors could use a little maintenance.

That’s our specialty. At The Garage Door Man, we’ve been proudly taking care of our Lehi neighbors for more than 15 years and we treat your garage and home like our own. In other words, we want only the best in aesthetics and safety for you, your family or business and your property. Garage doors, just like many other parts of your home, need regular annual maintenance in order to perform their best.

When was your garage door’s last checkup?

Rise (and Close) and Shine

Hopefully you’re on top of getting your appliances checked each year—but what about your garage doors? Those springs bear a lot of abuse, the sensors can go on the fritz and sometimes rollers get a little too uppity and roll right off track. It happens to the best, modern garage doors as well as old, outdated doors. Unfortunately, when something goes amiss with garage doors, it can spell serious trouble.

From crushing little feet (and pets) to making your car a prisoner in your own garage, garage doors gone wild are never any fun. At The Garage Door Man, we specialize in helping our Lehi neighbors with all their garage door needs. Whether it’s emergency services at 2am on a holiday, a brand new installation in a stunning wood or aluminum variety, or routine inspections, we’re at your service.