Organizing Your Garage: Tips, Tricks, and Advice

If you’re not careful, your garage can quickly and all too easily become a catch-all for your tools, gardening supplies, and anything else that needs a home where it won’t be in the way.

This may help you stay organized inside, but soon you won’t able to find what you need in the garage. You may not even be able to pull your cars in! It’s important to organize your garage so that it remains the functional and practical place it was meant to be.

Organizing Your Garage: Tips, Tricks and Advice

Here are a few tips, tricks, and words of advice for organizing your garage.

Wall Storage

Most people don’t have a problem finding things they’d like to store in the garage. In fact, you probably have more than enough you’d like to fit in the garage and you may not feel like you have enough space.

That’s when it’s time to take advantage of your wall space! By getting things up off the floor you ensure that your vehicle is always allowed a spot inside the garage and out of the elements, you’re better able to keep your floor clean and free from debris, and you’ll be able to easily find the things that are stored on the wall.

Use Magnets

When it comes to keeping your tools, knickknacks, and other small items organized, try taking advantage of magnets. It’s all too easy for these small items to be flung in a drawer or box only to cost you unnecessary extra work rifling through to find just what you need to finish a project.

There are great and functional containers typically used for holding spices in the kitchen that can help separate and keep your small pieces organized. With containers can be attached to magnets that can then be mounted on your work bench or the wall nearby (again, freeing up space!).

Taking another idea from the kitchen, you can use the same idea as a magnetic knife holder to keep your tools easily accessible but also organized and out of the way.

Ceiling Storage

Another way to save on space in your garage is to take advantage of the untapped storage potential for your ceiling. There are plenty of hardware options for hanging bicycles and other equipment from the ceiling to get it out of the way.

You can also find cool shelving options that allow you to store bins or totes that only need to be accessed a few times a year above your head and out of the way.

When it comes to keeping your garage organized, there’s no better way than to keep everything protected inside like a secure and functional garage door.

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