Keep Pests Out of Your Garage This Winter

Garage Pest Control

The challenge of keeping pests out of your garage becomes harder during the cold northern Utah winters. All types of insects, animals and other pests seek food, shelter and warmth during the winter. If your garage is an easy target, they can infiltrate it and then gain access to your home, causing health risks and the potential for structural damage. Preventing pests from accessing your property involves taking a few simple steps, detailed below.

Types of Pests that Like Your Garage

Common unwanted culprits that want to share your home include mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons and even stray cats. Every year you can find multiple reports of pests entering through the garage, then finding their way into walls or the attic. In some cases the animal gives birth and the infestation grows. Once that happens, you may face a lengthy (and costly) extermination process, not to mention the damage that can occur in the meantime.

The Dangers of Allowing Pests Inside

Feral animals of all types carry diseases that can easily be transmitted to your family members through bites or scratches. Droppings and urine from these animals can also be toxic. Depending on the pests, they may chew paper, insulation and even drywall to make their nests. Mice and rats are also known for crawling inside your vehicle’s engine compartment and chewing through electrical wiring. You may notice droppings on the floor or in cabinets, or discover evidence of shredding or nest-building. Worse, you may hear or even see them scurrying for cover.

How to Prevent Garage Pests

If you’ve already been invaded, contact a qualified exterminator to remove the animals or pests, then take a few important steps to prevent future problems. Remove any excess moisture or sources of water, as this is prime motivation for coming inside. Likewise with any food sources. Remove pet food from the garage or seal it in heavy-duty containers. Thoroughly clean barbecue grills and accessories stored in the garage, removing any food particles.

In fact, do a wholesale garage clean-up, storing everything possible off the ground or in an offsite storage unit. Look for and seal any cracks or openings in walls, widows or vents. Finally, have your garage door inspected. If it’s out of alignment or needs adjustment, animals can easily sneak in through the cracks. Have the technician check the weather stripping as well as vents and make necessary repairs.

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