Where To Place Your Garage Door Keypad

Installing a garage door keypad can be a lifesaver if you forget your remote or accidentally lock yourself out of the house. If you’re wondering about where to place your garage door keypad or how to install it, you’ve come to the right place.

Where to Place Your Garage Door Keypad

Your garage door keypad makes using your automatic garage door easier to use. You’ll be able to open or close your door whether or not you have your garage door opener, a house key, or your phone.

Your rectangular garage door keypad with numeric buttons should be installed on the frame of your garage door, outside your garage door. You want to place your garage door keypad eye-level, in a place that is convenient but not completely obvious, all while being as close to your garage door frame as possible.

If you have young family members that you want to be able to use the keypad, make sure you install the keypad low enough for the shortest user to access.

But before you actually install your keypad you want to make sure you install batteries, program the keypad, and test it out so that you make sure it is compatible with your garage door opener.

Depending on the keypad you chose you’ll need to choose a four or six digit code to open and close your garage door. You should follow the directions that came with your keypad, but most will require you to press the “learn” button on your garage door.

When you have programmed your keypad and knows that it works and have chosen the perfect spot for it on or near the garage door jam, you’ll want to screw your keypad in place. But be sure to leave a little gap between your garage door jam and the keypad so that moisture can escape.

You also want to make sure there is enough room for the keypad cover to slide up or open. Begin with the first screw and tighten it just enough to be secure, then use a level to make sure it is plum before tightening and adding a second screw. All you have left to do is enjoy your new garage door keypad!

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