Pros and Cons: Garage Door Access Keypads

Garage Door Keypad

Garage door access keypads have become incredibly popular as of late. These small, electronic devices mount outside of the garage, typically near the garage door, and allow you to operate the automatic opener without the need for a handheld remote control. Although they seem to be the next logical progression for garage access, many consumers hesitate to add these devices due to security concerns. Here are some basic facts about the benefits and potential risks of external garage access controls.

Benefits of Garage Door Opener Keypads

The most obvious benefit of these access pads is the ability to open your garage door if you lose or forget your handheld remote control or if the programming in your vehicle gets erased by your car battery dying and resetting. If you misplace your keys or inadvertently lock yourself out, keypads allow you to gain entry to the home without having to call a locksmith or break a window. Perhaps the most popular use for these devices is to provide easy, keyless access to children who arrive home before their parents. Kids can lose house keys and keyless entry devices remove that risk. Today’s garage keypads can even be programmed with distress codes that can be used to summon police or other emergency responders.

Drawbacks of Garage Door Opener Keypads

If access controllers provide occupants with easy access to the home, might they do the same for criminals? As technology become more sophisticated, homeowners fear that hackers and other opportunists may use access pads to break in. This could theoretically result in burglary or home invasion. Although today’s keypads are usually wireless, some older models were hardwired. These could be removed and “hotwired” using an electronic device to override the code. One additional risk, very much an analog problem, is that someone may watch you enter your PIN code from afar (usually with binoculars) and simply enter the code to gain access at a later time.

What Types of Garage Door Access Control Pads are Best?

Today’s sophisticated access controllers have overcome the vast majority of security vulnerabilities. Using rolling access codes and other high tech anti-penetration design, most are difficult (if not impossible) to hack. The newest keypads use fingerprint identification technology therefore removing the risk of someone learning your code by watching.

The responsibility is also on the homeowner to use 21st century best practices for security. Use a code that would be hard to guess (not your house number and not “1234”) and change your code often. Use your body to block the view when entering your code and teach children to do the same. Never share your code with others and ensure that kids don’t give the code out to friends. By far, the safest access pads are those sold and installed by professional garage door companies. The inexpensive units available at hardware stores often lack the safety protocols and sophisticated security algorithms built into professional equipment.

If you think you’d like to add a garage access keypad to your home, The Garage Door Man in Salt Lake City offers state-of-the-art equipment and professional installation, designed to keep your home and family safe and secure.