The Garage Door Man combines the best in quality products with service. We’ve been serving our Provo neighbors for over 15 years and are proud to have established ourselves as the go-to garage door service and installation experts in the region. We understand that both your home and business require the a secure—and beautiful—garage doors. That’s why our inventory is made up of the most reputable aluminum and wood doors on the market.

With well over a decade of experience in the Provo area, The Garage Door Man is a family owned business with a big business level of inventory and support. We offer 24-hour, around the clock emergency services since we know disasters and urgent situations don’t happen on office schedules. No matter what the day or time, even if it’s a holiday, our skilled technicians are on call to keep you and your property safe.

From Maintenance to Remodels

Even the best garage doors need routine maintenance and the occasional repair. Plus, the extreme seasons in Provo can really wreak havoc on exterior doors. Since garage doors take up the most real estate of any other door and are depended upon throughout winter storms and the sizzling summer heat, it makes sense that springs wear out and sometimes the rollers and tracks can go off course. To make sure your garage doors last, annual or bi-annual inspections are a wise move.

However, sometimes disaster still strikes—but when The Garage Door Man is on your side, that’s okay. We specialize in complete garage door replacements as well as remodeling projects and repairs. No matter how big or small the project, we have the background, tools and experience to get the job done. Browse our extensive inventory today or call our local Provo office for an estimate.