Securing Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial Garage Door Maintenance

Your commercial garage doors are the biggest points of entry for your business. They might be the sole protector of your inventory — incredibly expensive equipment.

Commercial garage doors are like residential ones, but on steroids. They’re usually bigger, work harder and go up and down more often — which all leads to additional wear and tear. Keeping your commercial doors maintained and secure is paramount to the success of your business.

Skipping just one annual maintenance check can put your company’s safety in jeopardy.

What happens if a commercial door falls down directly on the foot of a worker, vendor or client? What happens if a loading dock gets damaged during a delivery, but nobody fixes it before the next shipment comes in?

Whether you own or manage an enterprise or a startup, safety needs to be a top concern. Quality commercial garage doors can help keep everyone safe, avoid workers’ compensation claims, and increase the security of your overall business.

Your Best Defense

Garage doors need inspections at least annually — preferably bi-annually or quarterly. This is when maintenance, repairs and replacements should be done, and it gives business owners peace of mind knowing their space is as safeguarded as possible. With so many moving parts, it’s to be expected that some will wear out.

Your reputable, licensed garage door repair technician is your ticket to keeping your doors optimized.

You and your employees should also know what red flags to watch out for. Signs like a screeching sound call for immediate attention. However, testing sensors, oiling rollers from time to time and visual inspections for any obvious dents, cracks or deep scratches aren’t emergencies, but they can help extend the life of your garage doors.

Autumn Cleaning

Drastic changes in temperatures and seasons can be tough for even high-quality doors to bear. Moving from winter to spring, especially in a region like Utah, means your commercial doors need to be ready for temperature swings, spring thaws and heavy rain.

Spring is the best time to schedule that inspection, and maybe even prepare for an upgrade. Garage doors that haven’t been replaced in at least 10 years simply don’t offer the same level of security and convenience options (like smart garage doors synced to your mobile devices) available today.

Unfortunately, many businesses find out the hard way that their doors aren’t performing as they should. Don’t wait until disaster strikes, whether it’s from a flash flood, burglary attempt or vandals, to discover how important this point of entry may be. Instead, rely on local professionals to keep you and your business thriving.

Contact The Garage Door Man for a spring inspection and for all your commercial garage door repair, maintenance and installation needs.