SOS: Garage Door Repair Red Flags

Garage Door Repair Red Flags

Do you need garage door repair?

Sometimes the signs are obvious (like when your garage door only goes up halfway), and sometimes they’re invisible until the damage becomes extreme. Knowing the most common signs that a garage door needs repair or maintenance is the best way to keep your doors operational and safe for as long as possible.

The first sign that you need a professional inspection is if you can’t remember the last time an expert looked over your garage doors. An annual check, preferably in the autumn, is the best preventive measure you can take.

If your garage door struggles to move up or down, shakes or emits a strange sound, those are all clear clues that something’s amiss.

However, many homeowners miss these signs because they’re listening to music, talking on their BlueTooth, strapping children into car seats and doing other tasks, so they don’t notice when the doors aren’t acting as they should.

Visual Clues

Having a garage door expert perform a full inspection each year is wise, but you can regularly monitor your garage doors for wear and tear, too. Watch for signs of breakage, rust and springs that don’t stretch as they should. Test the sensors to make sure they stop the door when they sense an object in the way, and look for dents and nicks in moving parts that might upset movement.

The garage door has become the primary entry and exit point for many homeowners. Make sure you have a plan in place if you ever find your car “trapped” in the garage. All garage doors, even the most technologically advanced, should revert to manual operation when there’s an electrical problem.

Knowing that everyone in the home understands how to manually lift and lower the doors can prevent frustration during a power outage, or should the garage doors ever need repairs.

Replacement Parts

No matter how high quality and advanced your garage doors, some parts will need to be repaired or replaced at some point. It’s usually the moving, hardworking parts like the springs and rollers. How often they’re replaced depends on how much they’re used and the weather in your region.

For example, garage doors near beaches can notoriously rust faster than those in landlocked states. Extremely hot summers and blizzards in the winter will wear out parts that have little to no temperature regulation faster than if you were living in a temperate region.

A lot of people don’t realize how much they depend on working garage doors until there’s a problem. Keep contact info handy for a reputable garage door repair company like the Garage Door Man — it will make troubleshooting a lot easier if an issue pops up.