How To Know Your Springs are Getting Old

Unfortunately, your garage door won’t last forever. But with proper maintenance and care it can last for a good long while. Not all parts are going to last the same amount of time, so knowing what to watch for can help keep the strain and wear off of longer-lasting garage door parts.

One thing you need to watch for on your garage door are the springs. Your garage doors springs are important when it comes to the opening and closing of your garage door. They counteract the force of gravity on the door, making it light enough for the garage door opener to lift it (or yourself if necessary). Needless to say, your garage doors springs have a big job to do and can easily get worn down.

Here’s how to know your springs are getting old.

In general, you can expect your springs to last about seven to nine years. If you know your springs are close to that age-range or within it, make sure you are paying extra-close attention to them. You may be able to save on garage door opener installation costs by instead replacing bad springs! How much you use your garage door and what kind of maintenance it has received will also make a big difference in the lifespan of your springs, so take that into consideration as well.

One obvious sign that your springs are getting old is rust and corrosion. If your garage door parts have not received regular maintenance, the springs may become subject to rust and corrosion. This is a problem because it will eat away at your spring, jeopardizing the spring’s integrity. If you don’t replace your springs quickly, you can bet on a broken spring which can leave you with some serious damage to your garage door, garage, and yourself.

Screeching, creaking, popping, and other unnatural sounds coming from your garage door is also a sign that you need a garage door repair. Your springs may be trying to “talk” to you, letting you know they are old, weak, and about to bust. Sometimes lubrication can help, but it may just be putting off the inevitable. It’s best to have a garage door company take a look at and replace your springs.

If you open your garage door one day and notice that is it uneven, it means that a spring on one side of your garage door has failed and the other won’t be far behind. Anything unusual like this is a red-flag that should alert you to call a garage door repair company as soon as possible.

Lastly, you can check your garage door springs before they are in dire need or replacement by simply closing your garage door and pulling the emergency release. Manually lift your door waist-high, stop the door, and let go. If it stays in place your springs are in good shape. If it starts to fall back to the ground, you know your springs are getting old.

As you consider new springs, regular maintenance, garage door prices and installation, choose the best of the best — the Garage Door Man. Whether you are in need or repairs or a new door, they can help.