Today’s Hottest Garage Remodeling Trends

Garage Remodel

Garage remodeling has become a popular home upgrade, as homeowners seek more usable space and storage solutions. Updating your garage may also increase your home’s value and its salability. Whether you are interested in selling your home and attracting buyers, or if you simply want to create a workshop or play space, you might be interested to learn about some of today’s hottest trends.

Creating a Man Cave

If you watch HGTV, you may have seen homeowners’ attempts to create the perfect “man cave” in their garage. If your home lacks a basement or other space that could be used for this purpose, converting an unused garage bay may be the answer. Some creative designer ideas include installing dual-purpose fixtures such a workbench that converts to a pool table or a tool storage cabinet that converts to a wet bar. Open your man cave up to a side yard by adding a clear glass garage door. Extend the space out with a man café, grill and outdoor bar.

Add a Laundry Room

Real estate professionals report that virtually every home buyer today demands a dedicated laundry room, complete with cabinets for storage, a laundry sink and racks for hanging clothes. If your home lacks such a space, consider taking a part of the garage to build one.

Install Your Own Home Gym

Americans have taken to adding home workout spaces today, rather than traipsing out to the gym. Already busy, people find that they work out longer and more often when they don’t have to leave the house. Dedicate a part of the garage for your home gym by installing mirrors and a media system. Garages typically already have electricity, but you may need to add wiring for speakers and cable TV.

Enlarge the Garage

Many home buyers today are making purchasing decisions based on the garage. Statistics show that a growing number of buyers want oversized four-car garages. If you have an older home with a small garage, consider adding on if your lot and homeowners’ association allows it. This renovation offers one of the highest returns on investment today, meaning you will recoup most or all of your cost when selling the house. Include cabinets, racks and other storage solutions to get the most out of the expansion, and consider resurfacing the garage floor for a clean, finished look.

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