Top 4 Things Cluttering Your Garage

Clutter — your entryway, your basement, your office, closets, and sometimes guest bedrooms are hotspots for stashing stuff you’re not sure what to do with and there it stays. Even if you are able to keep these areas clean, there’s another part of your home that tends to be cluttered and stay cluttered and that is your garage.


No matter how tidy you like to clean your house, it is quite often that the garage ends up as the most cluttered and disorganized areas of your home. Because it is out of site, it is easy for it to be out of mind when you’re doing other cleaning and organizing projects around the house. All too often, this storage area becomes a place where items are left and forgotten creating even more clutter. So much so that most people aren’t even able to use their garage for the intended purpose of parking their cars.


To help get your garage organized, and maybe even be able to park your car inside, it is important to understand how it got so cluttered in the first place. Here are the top four things cluttering your garage.


#1. Feeling Overwhelmed

One of the biggest problems with garage clutter is simply feeling too overwhelmed to ever begin to get ahead of the problem. It is really easy to feel this way; a little mess turns into a bigger mess and then you’re not sure where to even start. But the longer you wait to clean the worse it’s going to get. You won’t be able to find the things you need, and you may even forget what you have stored so you’re not making the most of your possessions. This disorganization can cause stress that may even spill over into other areas of your life. Instead, set aside time to tackle your clutter once and for all, recruit a team to help you, and don’t give up!


#2. Storing in the Wrong Place

Your garage easily becomes a dumping ground for stuff you’re not sure where to put. A lot of items can and should be stored in the garage, but many should be stored elsewhere to help free up your garage space.  If you have an extra fridge or freezer, try storing them in your basement. Propane tanks should be stored outside for safety. Pain cans should e stored in a more temperature controlled area.


#3. Can’t Let Go

Some homeowners simply can’t let go of what they need to, which turns into garage clutter. As you begin to organize your garage, start by taking everything out of your garage. Separate all of it into piles — keep, donate, and trash. Don’t be afraid to let things go. It’s one way to help get rid of unnecessary clutter.


#4. Improper Equipment

Once you’ve decided what you’re going to keep, it’s important to store those items correctly. Otherwise, you’re just going to end up with more clutter. You need the proper storage equipment! Start with a good shelving unit to keep things off the floor, and invest in clear totes to keep things separated by like items and easy to find.


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