Troubleshooting a Noisy Garage Door

If you have a noisy garage door, it can certainly be an annoyance. But, even if you aren’t particularly bothered by the creaking or squeaking, it may be trying to tell you something.

To determine whether your noisy door requires the services of a garage door repair company, you can do a little troubleshooting on your own.

noisy garage door

Inspecting Mechanical Garage Door Components

Although you can do some basic maintenance tasks yourself, some parts of your garage door need to be hands-off, even for the most handy homeowner.

Start by taking a look at the hardware, including nuts, bolts and fasteners. If any of them are loose, they can clatter and vibrate. Tighten any that have become loose, but be careful of tightening anything too much. Overtightening the hardware can create more problems than loose nuts and bolts.
Now, take a look at the rollers. Depending on the manufacturer’s guidelines, you can – and should – periodically lubricate the rollers to keep them free from rust. This will also help keep them quiet. If they appear worn or overly rusty, however, it may be time to have them replaced.

Next, open and close the door while paying attention to the torsion springs, the hinges and the pulleys. If any of these components seems to be the source of the noises you hear, it’s time to pick up the phone.

These components, when worn or in need of repair, can cause big problems and potential dangerous conditions. But working on these parts is definitely off-limits for anyone other than an experienced door repair contractor.

Troubleshooting Your Garage Door Openers

If the mechanical parts of the door seem to be in good working order, move on to the automatic opener system.

Because automatic garage door openers come in a variety of brands and styles, it is important to locate the owner’s manual for yours. Most brands make their documentation available online so, even if you don’t have the paperwork that came with the system originally, you should be able to download it easily on line.

The easiest way to troubleshoot the opener is to (carefully) stand on a ladder so you can watch – and listen to – the mechanisms in action. If the sounds you’re hearing are coming from the system’s belt or motor, it’s time to call a repair professional. Otherwise, if the system fails, you may be stuck with a non-working door.

When a Noisy Garage Door Needs Immediate Attention

It’s important to call a professional repair company if you notice a problem with the springs, rollers or pulleys. Likewise, a problem with the opener will also require professional attention.

The critical safety features of the door – including the motion and pressure sensors – must be in good working order at all times. This is the only way to ensure that kids, pets and vehicles don’t get crushed.

Plus, if the safety sensors fail at any time, your door will not operate. And, although they aren’t usually related to noise, loose hardware and other mechanical problems can cause the safety sensors to become misaligned or otherwise fail.

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