Troubleshooting Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are generally very reliable. When they stop working, however, it can be tricky or even frustrating to figure out what’s wrong. Understanding what to look for can help identify potential resolutions. In some cases, however, it’s both easier and safer to call a professional.

Identify the Symptoms

If your garage door won’t open or close, try it with various remotes, the keypad and with the indoor wall switch to see if any of them works. The door may refuse to go up or down, or it may go part way and stop or reverse. The opener’s gears or trolley may operate, but the door may fail to move. Or, the motor may make a labored whine, whirring sound or grinding noise, either with the door moving or not. In some cases, the motor may continue to run even after the door has completed its cycle. And of course, you may experience the unfortunate case where you have no lights, no sound and no action whatsoever, no matter what you try.

What to Check First

Verify that the opener is plugged in and that there is power to the outlet. You simply could have blown an electrical breaker or fuse. If one opening device fails to work but the other openers are fine, it may be a matter of battery or programming failure, or the device may need to be replaced. Next, check the door’s safety sensors. Two sensors, located on either side of the track about 12 inches from the ground, are designed to stop any movement if they become blocked. Something may have accidentally been placed on the floor, blocking these sensors. Also check for any objects that may be affecting the reversing sensors, which cause the door to reverse when the bottom edge comes into contact with any object.

When to Contact a Professional

If your troubleshooting activities yielded no conclusive issues, it may be time to contact a local garage door contractor to further explore the problem. It will be helpful to inform the tech of your findings, so take note of your troubleshooting efforts and share the information with your contractor. Ask also about having an annual inspection and maintenance service performed on both your garage door and automatic opener system. This will allow an experienced professional to evaluate each component of the system for wear and to make necessary adjustments to keep it working well throughout the year.

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