Upgrading Garage Door Springs

Are your garage door springs extension or torque? If you’re like most homeowners, the answer is, “I don’t know!”

With two types of common springs, when it’s time to replace them or upgrade your doors, it’s important to know and understand the difference between the two.

garage door springs

Extension springs are by far the most popular choice for residential garage doors, and are found on both sides of the door above the tracks. They extend to open the door, depending on safety cables to ensure they don’t extend too far.

Torsion springs utilize torque to raise and lower doors. Torque, a twisting power, allows the spring to coil over the shaft.

Torque springs are available in a variety of lengths and sizes, so homeowners need to know the height, weight, and track radius of their doors when just replacing the torque springs (which is why it’s always best to let a professional garage door installation company take care of orders and installation for you).

Best Garage Door Springs

Most homeowners choose extension garage door springs, but price is the driving factor. Extension springs are much more affordable than torque. Extension springs are a great product, but more of their parts are exposed, which can be a liability when doors aren’t maintained and repaired as necessary, or when parts aren’t replaced.

You’ll find torsion springs on most commercial doors because they can handle a heavier weight. Plus, they last twice as long as extension springs, making them a great investment. You might save money up front with extension springs, but with torque springs, you can double the time in between replacing them.

Garage doors have a lot of working parts, and they will eventually wear out. Replacing parts when necessary is part of staying safe.

Time for an Upgrade?

Whether you choose extension garage door springs or torque springs, both need a lot of tension in order to operate. Extreme tension makes it dangerous for a non-pro to attempt to install or repair springs. Your local garage door expert can tell you the best schedule for maintenance (usually once or twice per year) and when parts should be replaced. Part replacement depends on the type of springs you have, how much the doors are used and weather conditions.

Homeowners can watch out for red flags, too, because garage door springs aren’t always replaced on a schedule. Sometimes extensive wear and tear can mean you need to replace springs right away you’re your doors squeak or make any noise, if they are struggling to move up or down, if the tracks are shaking, or if you can see that the springs are worn out, stop using the doors immediately.

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