When It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

It’s easy to take your garage door for granted, but it’s more valuable than you realize. A garage door can boost your curb appeal, increase your home’s value, and most importantly, it provides utility. However, you may need to replace yours after a few decades due to natural deterioration.

Find out why you should replace a broken garage door immediately.

Why Is My Garage Door So Important?

You probably have better things to do with your time than to worry about your garage door, but if yours squeaks like a mouse, you may need to install a new one. It’s essential to replace a broken one as soon as you can because it’s your home’s most significant entry point. Replacing your garage door is a matter of keeping your loved ones and valuables safe.

Below are four helpful tips to help you decide if it’s time to replace your garage door.

Your Garage Door Breaks Down Repeatedly

Do you find yourself repairing your garage door every time you get a day off from work? Persistent garage door noise and constant maintenance are the two biggest red flags that indicate you need a new one. Even though routine maintenance is essential, you shouldn’t have to inspect your door multiple times a month.

The time and money you spend on repairing your door could be better spent on activities that bring you joy. It might make more financial sense to replace it if these issues continue.

Your Garage Door Is Antiquated

A dated garage door can make your property look unappealing, which can significantly decrease your curb appeal. If you plan on selling your house in the future, prospective buyers might be put off by the unpleasant noises your garage door produces. Moreover, it’s a significant architectural element that takes up most of your home’s façade, so it’s worth upgrading to a welcoming one.

Your Garage Door Lacks Safety and Efficiency

If your garage door is a few decades old, it may not be equipped with appropriate safety functions, which can make it less efficient. Perhaps yours lacks proper weather strips, bottom seals, or sealing joints to keep the wind away.

Did you ever slam your garage door on your toes and fingers when you were a kid? Modern ones can detect motion, which reduces the risk of injury. Moreover, they provide insulation to keep you warm during winter.

Your Garage Is Now a Living Space

If you’re converting your garage to a guest room, office, or bedroom, you should opt for a state-of-the-art door with a contemporary design. Consider going for one with stylish, tinted-glass windows with aluminum frames for a chic look.

Contact The Garage Door Man

You won’t regret replacing your old garage door for a new, elegant one; you’ll only regret not doing it sooner. The Garage Door Man delivers professional garage door repairs, installation, and replacement. We’re proud to offer 24-hour emergency service, so contact us today for a free estimate.