Winter Garage Door Problems

You may forget what a luxury your garage door is until you have to park your car outside overnight in the dead of winter. If you’ve ever come out to your car on a bright January morning to find your car under a frozen sheet of snow, you understand the terror it can cause. You’re late for work, skin stinging from icy air, and you realize you’re not going anywhere. How much is this going to cost?

Possibly even worse is realizing that your garage door, the thing that is supposed to protect you from the winter woes, isn’t functioning properly. You rely on your garage door, and may not even think about it. But suddenly when your car is trapped with a malfunctioning door you realize how desperate it can make you.

Possible Garage Door Problems and Solutions

  1. Remote Batteries – you’d be surprised how often this is the reason your garage door isn’t opening. The good news is that it’s an easy fix. Figure out today what kind of batteries your garage door remote uses and keep some on hand. When your garage door refuses to open, try changing the batteries in your remote first before seeking other solutions.
  2. Power Outage – If the power goes out at your home, you simply need to manually lift the door. You do this by disconnecting your garage door from the lift mechanism. This can vary from a garage door to another garage door, but usually, there is a cord or chain with a red button or handle to pull. This will allow you to lift the door manually to pull your car out. Learn how to do this when there are no problems and then you’ll be ready to do it by flashlight sometime when things are a little messier.
  3. Motor Out – If you have tried to change the batteries to no avail, but you can still easily lift the door manually it means that your motor has gone out. Unfortunately, it’s not something you can fix by yourself. But it is something that is easy to fix with time and the right technician. Give Garage Door Man a call and we can fix it in a jiffy.
  4. Springs or Gunk – If you can’t get your garage door to lift there could be a couple of problems. Broken springs are incredibly dangerous, so please don’t mess with them. Garage door injuries are common and serious and you can avoid them by calling the Garage Door Man first. If your door lifts but gets stuck at certain points it’s probably a gunk or lubrication problem. You can fix this on your own with garage door lubricant and some gloves.

Pre-emptive and preventative maintenance for your garage door can ensure your garage door stays in good working condition–especially in the winter months when freezing temperatures can wear out batteries, motors, and metal tracks. Garage Door Man stands ready to repair, check, or replace your garage door at an affordable price and efficient service. Call today!