Winterize Your Garage Door With Preventative Maintenance

Winterized Garage Door

Before the snow sets in, winterize your garage door to help prevent malfunctions that can cause you problems. When it’s freezing and snowing outside, you don’t want to be unable to get in and out of the garage because of maintenance issues you should have taken care of earlier. Your garage door is built to operate in all weather, assuming you do the proper preventative maintenance.

Cold Weather Problems for Your Garage Door

What can go wrong with your door in the winter? It may refuse to open or worse yet, start to open and freeze part way through. If the springs fail, it can even come crashing down. The door can fail at any time, but freezing temperatures can aggravate the mechanism or lead your door to operate erratically. Proper maintenance of your garage door and its opener can lessen the chance of wintertime malfunctions.

In the fall, there are a few steps you can take keep the door in good condition. First of all, if the inside of your wooden door is unpainted, you can add a coat of paint to prevent the wood from rotting and warping, which can impact the door mechanism. If you find that your wooden door is deteriorated, you can replace it with an insulated steel door that requires less maintenance over the long run.

Winterize Your Garage Door With the Help of a Pro-

Modern garage doors have many safety features built in to prevent mishaps with opening and closing, but you should do some basic testing once or twice a year. Before it gets cold, disconnect the motor and then try to pull the door halfway up or halfway down and see if it stays in place. If not, your door may be out of balance, which indicates that you may have a problem with springs – a fix that requires a service call from a professional.

Your door should reverse direction when it feels pressure. If the door doesn’t stop, you may need a force adjustment to improve cold-weather operation.

Keep The Door Lubricated

The rail on your garage door needs occasional lubrication. While you can do it, having a professional take care of this task will ensure that the door gets the proper amount of lubrication for smooth opening without having too much grease in place to thicken in the cold. A pro will remove the hardened grease with a solvent and then lubricate the track with a silicone-based oil to perform better in the winter.

In addition to the track, the springs, torsion ball bearings, and screw drive need lubrication to prevent them from shrinking and seizing up in extreme temperatures. As a service tech lubricates the unit, he can spot worn parts and replace what is necessary before an accident occurs.

For professional help to winterize your garage door before winter, so that you can keep it functioning correctly all season, call Garage Door Man today.