3 Reasons to Fear Broken Garage Door Springs

Your garage door springs, also known as torsion springs or coils, handle all the heavy lifting for you.

Without these coils, you would have to lift the full weight of the door yourself, and find a way to hold it in the open position. The wear and tear of regular opening and closing causes the coils to weaken and, eventually wear out or break.

broken garage door

Most coils are rated for about 10,000 cycles. So, if you use your garage door 10 times a day, the springs will last less than three years. Use it twice or three times each day and you may stretch that lifespan to 10 years – but only if you have all the mechanical components inspected and serviced regularly by a professional garage door company.

Let those torsion coils reach the point of failure, however, and you may have bigger problems on your hands.

No. 1: Getting Trapped when a Garage Door Spring Breaks

Most customers don’t know they have a problem until their door suddenly won’t open more than a few inches.

If that happens, you – and your vehicle – will be trapped on the other side until you can have the repairs done. This can prevent you from getting to work or from getting the kids to school on time.

And, of course, you will have to stick around to wait for the repair technicians, rather than being able to schedule the service appointment at your convenience.

No. 2: Injuries or Damage from Broken Torsion Springs

The torsion coils hold a massive amount of tension so, if they break, that energy is released explosively.

If you’re lucky, a breaking spring will make a huge BOOM and that’s it. But, in some cases, the heavy metal wire coil can snap into smaller pieces that fly through the air. These projectiles can do heavy damage to your vehicles and the items stored in the garage.

If you, a family member or pet is nearby when the break occurs, someone could be seriously injured or even killed by the shrapnel.

No. 3: Big Repair Bills for Fixing a Broken Garage Spring

When you monitor and maintain your garage door’s mechanical parts, you can anticipate the need for repairing or replacing components. If you ignore your door and let nature take its course, your repair needs will come largely as a surprise.

When a torsion spring breaks, it will break other parts of the system. Coils, rollers and even the metal panels of the door itself may require replacement. And the bill for that will be much higher than an annual inspection and occasional professional repair.

When you maintain your garage door, just like any other major system in the home, you can plan – and budget – for the time when you’ll need a new one. When you don’t, your repair bills will be both unexpected and costly.

Utah’s Garage Door Man understands how important regular inspections and maintenance are for extending the life of your garage doors. Schedule us for an annual service call and we can help you avoid these unpleasant surprises. We provide garage door sales, installation, maintenance and repair for customers in the Salt Lake City area and throughout Northern Utah. Contact us today for help with repairing (or preventing) broken garage door springs.